(Senior) Technical Advisor – Private Sector Engagement in employment promotion

Reports to: Project Manager: Digital Skills for Jobs and Income II (DS4JI II) in South Africa

Duration: Until 31 March 2027


The Digital Skills for Jobs and Income Project II (DS4JI II) in South Africa supports the improvement of job prospects for young people in South Africa, especially women, based on 5 demand-oriented career pathways for South Africa’s increasingly digitalised economy. Its objective is to develop and support structured career pathways for employment, i.e. either wage employment or self-employment. The aim is to create increased access to employment by incorporating occupational information, education and training, and professional integration measures, in a structured manner, into the career pathways. The project consists of the following outputs:

  • Output 1 aims to enable vocational students in ICT-related training courses to transition to selected career pathways in an increasingly digitalised economy.
  • Output 2 aims to expand employment and target group-oriented continuing training measures offered by private and civil society training providers.
  • Output 3 is dedicated to the implementation of demand-oriented support services for transitioning to employment or self-employment in selected digital career pathways.
  • Output 4 aims to develop selected evidence-based, job-oriented digital career pathways together with relevant employment promotion stakeholders.

On the German side the DS4JI is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The project is part of the newly established Technical Vocational Education and Employment Cluster.

This project is in its second implementation phase, commencing on 1 April 2024. The DS4JI II team requires the expertise of a dynamic, independent working team player who is interested in setting up sustainable project and partner structures, who enjoys developing creative approaches, engages in administrative tasks and has a high digital affinity.

RESPONSIBILITIES (see full job description download below)

The (Senior) Technical Advisor is responsible for:

  • Technical set-up and implementation of Output 3 of the DS4JI II project;
  • Technical guidance of team members with regards to Output 3;
  • Manages the activities of output 3 with the technical assistance of output 1 lead;
  • Contributing to the achievement of the set Outputs and Project indicators;
  • Contributing to the projects results-based monitoring and reporting processes.

Implementation Responsibility

The (Senior) Technical Advisor:

  • Is responsible to establish direct cooperation arrangements with a network of companies/ associations/ Gig work enablers to provide internships, work experience and jobs that are tailored to the 5 digital career pathways supported by DS4JI II.
  • Implementation of needs analysis of youth based on the demand to enable them to start their own business with regards to the selected digital career pathways, e.g. in consultation with successful entrepreneurs or freelancers, local research institutions and associations as well as digital work platforms.
  • Aims to implement demand-oriented labour market support services by private and civil society training providers for transitioning South African youth to employment or self-employment along the 5 career pathways supported by DS4JI II.
  • Technical advice and networking measures for private and civil society organisations for the placement of TVET graduates and continuing training programmes in internships and employment.
  • Continuous engagement with private sector to determine the demand for continuing training programmes to transition to self-employment; including sought-after skills (especially in the gig economy), information on career-path-specific training and certification, peer learning formats with entrepreneurs, free-lancers and gig workers, mentoring/coaching programmes, information on continuing training formats for (basic) financial skills – (Input to output 2 initiatives).
  • Provides the technical design of measures, writing of Terms of Reference and ensures the quality of implementation also by external resources / service providers / grant receivers etc. contracted by performance contracts or financing agreements.
  • Together with output 1 lead, is responsible for steering and managing the performance of contractors and initiatives which receive financing and grants that contribute to the achievement of the targets of Output 3.
  • Is responsible for the communication of output relevant information in accordance with the communication guidelines of GIZ.
  • Manages the interface to project outputs, to relevant other projects within the cluster, and beyond, and ensures a sound and impact-oriented cooperation.
  • Supports with other Outputs/tasks/activities as required and requested by project management.


Suitable candidates should apply by submitting a motivation letter and a detailed CV indicating their nationality. Applications should be submitted to: recruit-pretoria@giz.de, with the email subject line: “Application for DS4JI2 Output 3 (Senior) Technical Advisor position” for the attention of Head of Human Resource.

Closing date for applications: 12 April 2024.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Applications without a motivation letter will not be considered!