Rehabilitation and restructuring programme for hospitals

Project description

Title: Rehabilitation and restructuring programme for hospitals
Commissioned by: Ministry of Health, hospital equipment and maintenance division
Financier: European Investment Bank (EIB)
Country: Morocco
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Health, hospital equipment and maintenance division
Overall term: 2009 to 2014


Several key health indicators show that there is significant scope for improving the medical care available to the population in Morocco. The country has the second highest maternal mortality rate and one of the highest child mortality rates in the region, and the number of doctors and hospital beds per inhabitant is well below average.

Up to 2006, hospital reforms set in motion by the Moroccan Ministry of Health were supported by two measures financed by the World Bank. This reform will be continued in the modernisation programme which is being supported by the European Investment Bank (EIB), and existing hospital infrastructure will continue to be significantly improved.


Morocco’s hospital infrastructure improves significantly.


The programme supports the Moroccan Ministry of Health, downstream regional health authorities and hospitals in planning and implementing investment projects. The rehabilitation and restructuring programme comprises investment projects – renovation/reconstruction or rehabilitation and restructuring – in 17 hospitals throughout Morocco. Needs are assessed and measures selected according to criteria such as strategic importance, the type and quality of medical care available locally and the accessibility of the medical facilities, including their technical equipment.

Cooperation inputs include:

  • steering, monitoring and supporting the planning work commissioned by the health authorities,
  • supporting bidding procedures for construction measures,
  • reviewing construction progress review,
  • maintaining hospital buildings and technical equipment,
  • coordinating cooperation at the institutional level (hospital management).