Measures for climate-related water resource protection

Project description

Title: Support in developing the water sector – Component for measures for climate-related water resource protection
Commissioned by: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: Tanzania
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Water
Overall term: 2004 to 2016


Like all countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Tanzania will feel the effects of climate change. At present, climate researchers expect there to be rises in temperature and an increase in extreme weather events. The expected decline in water resources may have negative impacts on the country’s productive potential and the fight against poverty.

Tanzania ratified the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1996 and established a National Climate Change Committee (NCCC) in the Vice President’s Office to coordinate all related activities in the country. The first National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) was formulated in 2007. Despite its commitments at international level, Tanzania is not in a position to implement this NAPA as yet. The reasons for this are insufficient data on climate developments as well as the lack of experience in coordinating the various actors and in the sustainable planning and implementation of projects.

In the water sector, these deficits lead to numerous actors and organisations implementing projects that are not coordinated through the Ministry of Water (MoW).


The Tanzanian Ministry of Water is independently implementing the NAPA elements that deal with the handling of water resources.


The new component of the water programme, Adapting to Climate Change, was taken up in order to support decision-makers in the Ministry of Water in identifying, formulating and implementing strategies and guidelines, and to increase expertise on climate change. For example, the Ministry of Water receives support in coordinating and managing the various actors. This enables overlaps to be identified and taken advantage of, and prevents duplication in activities such as studies. 

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The water programme is also supporting the Ministry of Water in carrying out a stakeholder analysis, which is to provide an overview of the various actors and their activities. An MoW-led dialogue forum based on this analysis is planned, which is to serve as a central discussion and decision-making forum on climate change topics related to the water sector.

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