Sustainable management and use of natural resources based on local development plans

Project description

Title: Project for the sustainable management and use of natural resources based on local development plans
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: Chad
Lead executing agency: Ministère de l’Economie, du Plan et de la Coopération (MEPC)
Overall term: 2013 to 2015


The Chadian Government does not yet fulfil its role with regard to governance, the provision of basic services, and development policy. Core elements of the national policy for growth and poverty reduction, including good governance and rural development, are not being implemented on a broad scale. Institutional government structures are extremely fragile, particularly in rural areas.

Until 2010, German development cooperation promoted local planning processes in the Ouaddaï, Biltine and Mayo-Kebbi regions. On the basis of these plans, infrastructure measures for the provision of basic social services and economic development were funded, local agreements on the protection and use of natural resources supported, and the conditions created to enable local orientation and decision-making bodies (referred to as ILODs) to monitor compliance with these agreements. Users of natural resources, such as farmers, fisherfolk and other groups, were encouraged to adopt sustainable production processes, and agricultural service structures were established.


In selected rural areas of Chad, the rural population can plan and implement priority measures more effectively on an independent and participatory basis.


In cooperation with local civil society bodies and farmers’ organisations as well as well-known non-governmental and intermediary organisations, GIZ experts prepare project proposals for participation in invitations to tender issued by international and national rural development funds. The experts support organisational development and project implementation in accordance with the relevant agreement. They also support the establishment of monitoring systems, financial administration and public relations work.


Five partner organisations have successfully applied for funding from the European Development Fund (EDF) for rural development activities. For example, the ILOD in Dari, in partnership with the non-governmental Université Populaire (UP), successfully took part in the invitation to tender of the 10th EDF (PADL-GRN). Within the scope of a project to protect the Sena Oura National Park, agricultural production in the buffer zone is being developed in a sustainable and productive manner. The population is receiving support for self-help measures.

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The project helped those ILODs that are concerned with the protection and sustainable use of the entire lake area in Mayo-Kebbi to establish comprehensive protective mechanisms. Three of the four organisations assisted have already achieved the financial autonomy the project set out to achieve.

The advice given by the project to local NGOs on applying for assistance and implementing the relevant activities has played a major role in assuring the quality of funded projects.

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