Improving monitoring of the Vision Zero Fund (VZF)

Project description

Title: External Monitoring of the Vision Zero Fund (VZF)
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS)
Co-funded by: European Union (EU)
Country: Global
Overall term: 2017 to 2020


The Vision Zero Fund (VZF) is the outcome of an initiative by the German Government following its presidency of the G7 in 2015, whose agenda included ‘Promoting decent work worldwide through sustainable supply chains'. Among the decisions taken by the heads of state and government of the G7 states was that of setting up the VZF as a global prevention fund. The aim of this multi-donor fund is to improve working conditions in the poorer production countries along selected supply chains, especially in the textile and agricultural sectors. To this end, the Fund is working, for example, to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases as far as possible.

It is against this backdrop that the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) commissioned the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH to draw up and implement an external monitoring system for the VZF. The GIZ monitoring system complements the internal monitoring system of the International Labour Organization (ILO), which is responsible for implementing the Fund.


The measures to improve monitoring and management of the VZF have been successfully implemented. Lessons learned have been analysed and processed and serve as impetus for further development of the Fund’s monitoring and management processes.


GIZ’s measures include drawing up a detailed results model for the Fund’s work, preparing a proposal for reforming the VZF management structure and developing a results-based reporting system with relevant indicators. To implement these measures, GIZ has received co-financing from the European Commission (DG DEVCO) amounting to 500,000 euros.

The work of GIZ and the products drawn up by the project for the Fund (including a results model or results-based monitoring system) enable the ILO to communicate about the Fund’s work and impact to the VZF donors in more detail and with greater transparency. GIZ’s expert knowledge in the domain of monitoring and evaluation further enables these measures to be implemented rapidly and effectively.