Civil Peace Service of GIZ

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GIZ is involved in the Civil Peace Service programme in 20 countries with more than 100 international experts and a similar number of local specialists. These experts support local non-governmental organisations and initiatives, state agencies and local authorities as well as national programmes and institutions. They work on changing behaviours, attitudes and structures in the long term.

In this context, CPS tackles areas where the international community views Germany – given its own history – as a competent and credible partner. These include dealing with the past, supporting reconciliation and dialogue processes, and protecting human rights.

By bringing together the different actors and enabling them to network, GIZ's CPS programme acts as a bridge between the state and civil society.

Afghanistan SI Displacement Jordan Palestinian Territories
Ethiopia Cambodia Palestinian Territories SI Flucht
Benin Cambodia SI Displacement Philippines
Bolivia Kenya Rwanda
Burkina Faso Kenya SI Displacment Ruanda SI Displacement
Burundi Lebanon Uganda
Guatemala Lebanon SI Displacement Ukraine
Honduras Nepal  
Iraq Niger  

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