Gender equality – a corporate value and objective defining the quality of GIZ’s work

GIZ works resolutely to realise equal opportunities and rights for all individuals, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation or gender identity. Gender equality is a goal in itself, but it is also a prerequisite and driving force for viable sustainable development. GIZ pursues this objective as a value-oriented, responsible company and a reliable international cooperation actor.

GIZ promotes gender equality and the elimination of gender-specific disadvantages and discrimination.  It does this in the services it provides and as part of its equal opportunity policies within the company. 

Many of GIZ’s projects and internal practices and provisions attest to this and demonstrate how it can be achieved. The emphasis is on creating and expanding equal opportunities for participation, supporting all individuals in enjoying their rights and unleashing and realising their potentials and overcoming existing gender inequalities such as those relating to economic and political participation and digitalisation.

Gender strategy

GIZ’s Gender Strategy is a binding framework for all GIZ managers, employees and workforce members. They promote gender equality and help bring the strategy to life and translate it into specific action. An extensive internal network including more than 300 gender focal points in Germany and abroad is instrumental in implementing the Gender Strategy. 

GIZ’s Gender Strategy is binding for subcontractors, too, and it is a source information and guidance for commissioning parties and partners. 

Contributions to gender equality are part of GIZ’s accountability system 

GIZ reports on the implementation of the Gender Strategy every year. The key results are incorporated into the Integrated Company Report. 

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