As a public-benefit federal enterprise, GIZ is in the public eye and is highly accountable for the funds entrusted to it. The responsible use of resources, especially taxpayers’ money, is a top priority at GIZ. Any abuse of power and exertion of influence for personal gain, above all bribery and corruptibility, embezzlement, misappropriation extortion and fraud, must be prevented.

Anti-corruption management comprises all activities undertaken to fight against corruption. It constitutes a key component of the Compliance Management System (CMS) and forms the basis for GIZ’s efforts to prevent corruption. This include a policy of zero tolerance in all cases of corruption. The comprehensive companywide framework, which is binding for all staff, is summarised in our anti-corruption policy. All GIZ staff are obliged to comply with this policy and all applicable anti-corruption legislation and regulations. Moreover, through their contract of employment, staff commit to upholding GIZ's Code of Conduct which provides specific instructions on how to behave in cases of corruption and conflicts of interest.  

GIZ also requires all third parties who provide services on its behalf and with whom it cooperates to comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws.