Quality management

Quality is measured both in terms of how good a product or a service is and in terms of client satisfaction. GIZ’s quality management system has the task of designing the company’s guidelines, regulations, procedures and management processes such that we are able to deliver top-quality services.

GIZ endeavours to consistently improve its services and in-house processes. We apply a quality management system and systematically analyse our work and the results it generates. This makes what we do more effective and more economically efficient and improves our accountability vis-à-vis our commissioning parties.

GIZ’s ‘Quality House’

We have put in place a model internal framework for monitoring and improving quality, known as GIZ’s Quality House. The quality features on which this model is based have been taken from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) criteria and correspond to the five success factors laid out in GIZ’s own Capacity WORKS management model.

GIZ’s quality features are:

  1. Values geared to sustainability
  2. Economic use of resources 
  3. Efficient steering 
  4. Compliance with rules and regulations 
  5. Positive results achieved
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