CIM international placements

Would you like to help shape change and get to know new countries? Do you want to share your expertise while you continue to learn more yourself?

Well, what are you waiting for? Apply now! Lots of exciting and varied challenges await you in the countries partnering international cooperation with Germany.

Under the brand „Centre for International Migration and Development”, GIZ places experts with employers in developing countries and emerging economies since 1980.

Placing integrated experts - what we offer experts from Germany and other EU states

Are you highly qualified with extensive career experience? Are you eager to make a contribution, interested in other countries and looking for a challenge in the field of international cooperation?

Integrated experts are specialists from Germany and other EU member states who put their skills to good use in key positions in developing countries and emerging economies. They work directly for an employer in the country of assignment on a local contract and are fully integrated into the local structures – hence the name ‘integrated expert’. Once the placement process has been completed, integrated experts are paid a salary that is based on customary local rates which is topped up by CIM (through GIZ).

Further information on what an integrated expert's work involves Integrated experts.

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