Working for GIZ abroad

As an employee of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, you will be working in locations around the world and helping to shape a future worth living. Assignments abroad are the core of GIZ’s work. Get involved in helping to secure long-term improvements in living conditions worldwide. You will cooperate directly with partner organisations, make international contacts and be actively involved in implementing planned projects.

GIZ operates in more than 120 countries around the world. Would you like to make practical use of your communication skills in a different cultural environment? Would you like to put your negotiating skills to use in advising ambitious partner organisations locally? Or perhaps you would like to use your project management or finance skills at international level?

If so, come and work for GIZ abroad. You will gain new experiences and inspiration that will stay with you for your whole life. The wide range of areas in which GIZ operates also means you can go on developing your skills and gain experience in new areas. You will have the option to move between assignments in Germany and those abroad, helping GIZ to keep developing as a company.

And an assignment abroad will not just benefit you: your family can also have the experience of living in another country and developing their intercultural skills.

Are you interested in working for GIZ abroad? We look forward to receiving your application.  

Additional information

The conditions vary from job to job: you can find a detailed job specification in individual job advertisements. For most positions, you will need to submit a full application comprising a CV and a covering letter.

You can work for GIZ abroad in a range of areas, including in policy, specialist or organisational advisory roles as part of project implementation or administration of a country office. What all these roles have in common is that you will be able to apply your expertise directly in a local setting.

  • You will receive 13 monthly salary payments and a foreign service premium and be entitled to 30 days’ leave a year (for full-time employees).
  • GIZ also operates a company pension scheme, and you will have access to our employee savings scheme.
  • You will enjoy flexible working hours and mobile working arrangements, both abroad and in Germany, to enable you to balance your career and family responsibilities.
  • GIZ will provide comprehensive support with moving to and resettling in another country, including a relocation allowance and two days’ special leave.
  • You will receive well thought out and clearly structured pre-departure preparation for your assignment abroad. This includes language training and briefing on the country in which you will be working. And of course, we also serve the needs of your partner and any children who may be accompanying you.
  • We will reimburse the cost of each journey you and your family members make from your country of assignment to your home country (one trip per completed year abroad).

The following video provides further information about the benefits you will enjoy as a GIZ employee abroad:

Benefits package abroad – what Martin has to say

Accompanying partners (MAPs)

Helping seconded staff to combine their career with family and care responsibilities is particularly important to us. We know that supporting families is often crucial to someone’s decision to accept an assignment abroad. GIZ therefore supports partners with making preparations and overcoming any obstacles before, during and after their outward journey, ensuring that their experience abroad is a positive one. The MAP Desk is the core of our information and support services in relation to employment and benefits.

Additional information

  • The GIZ MAP Desk will provide support and answer any questions you may have right from the outset.
  • We provide medical screening and, on request, cover under GIZ’s group insurance schemes.
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in preparatory courses run by the Academy for International Cooperation (AIZ), including courses on the culture and language of your country of assignment, guidance on employment in the country, and help with travelling with children to your destination.
  • You will be included in the calculation of some benefits for seconded staff (such as relocation services, home leave allowances, transport costs and removal allowances).

Are you an MAP? Would you like further information? Please contact the MAP Desk by emailing map@giz.de

Additional information