A two-wheeled transition to sustainable transport

Using bicycles to achieve climate targets: GIZ is encouraging bicycle use through its projects, supporting people, the environment and the economy in the process.


Bicycles as a driver of tourism

Bicycles are not only a good means of urban transport, however. They can also support the economy, as demonstrated by a project in Rwanda, where tourism is an important economic sector. Together with the Rwanda Cycling Federation, GIZ is using GPS to map cycling and hiking trails and make them easier to navigate. At the same time, an amateur bike race held alongside the professional Tour du Rwanda attracts additional tourists into the country.

Bicycles also have an important role to play in completely different areas, for instance in the health sector. In rural regions of large African countries, such as Zambia, bikes are an efficient means of transport. For this reason, GIZ and its partners have provided more than 8,000 bicycles for local trainers in six districts. This has made it easier for them to reach many more households and advise pregnant women and families on various issues such as health, nutrition and hygiene.

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