Sound advice – Information points highlight job opportunities in Western Balkans

13.02.2017 – German Information Points for Migration, Vocational Training and Careers Advice (DIMAK) advise young people on work and training opportunities.

The countries of the Western Balkans are experiencing high unemployment and difficult economic conditions. Many young people see their only prospect in migrating to a country of Western Europe. The destination of choice is often Germany. However it is not easy to gain a foothold there either. Those who enter the country irregularly and without a work visa have virtually no hope of success.  

And yet prospects do exist in their home countries  – even if information on the subject is not always readily available. This is where the work of the German Information Points for Migration, Vocational Training and Careers Advice (DIMAK) comes in. These information points provide jobseekers with individual advice on job and training opportunities not only in Germany, but also above all in their home countries. In addition, mobile advisory teams have been set up to provide information in rural regions as well. The information points also serve as contact centres for people who have lived abroad for a period of time and now wish to return home and look for work there.  

User numbers indicate that demand for the advisory service is high. Over 15,000 people have received individual advice so far, and over 2,500 have visited job and careers fairs organised by DIMAK.  

DIMAK is an initiative of the Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM), which is jointly run by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the International Placement Services (ZAV) of the German Federal Employment Agency (BA). CIM coordinates the information points on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in cooperation with the national employment agencies. Information points currently exist in Serbia, Albania and Kosovo and more are being planned.