akzente magazine: The value of work

The new issue of the GIZ magazine akzente is out on 3 September – featuring background information, facts and opinions about employment.

Secure and appropriately paid jobs are in short supply in virtually every country around the world. Official figures suggest that around 1.4 billion people are in precarious employment – and this number is only set to rise. Youth unemployment is also very high worldwide. According to the International Labour Organization, almost 71 million people between the ages of 15 and 24 have no job – that is roughly 13.1 per cent of all young people.

In his essay, World Bank economist David Robalino from Ecuador reflects on how to tackle the global employment crisis. He explains why employment is so important for well-functioning societies.

In our interview, Onyeche Tifase gives her view on Africa’s economic performance and future development. The Managing Director and CEO of Siemens Nigeria is convinced that unemployment in Africa can be addressed through knowledge and the right financial support.

GIZ supports employment in a variety of ways. As always, akzente provides insights into specific projects. A report from Tunisia shows how employment is enabling young Tunisians to see a better future in their home country. A partnership of public and private sector actors is providing the training required to meet labour market needs, thus improving prospects for the future. Salem Fadhloun, for example, no longer feels the need to leave his country for Europe thanks to his new job as a garment worker in a textile factory: ‘There is now no reason for me to risk my life trying to get somewhere else.’

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