Chancellor Scholz speaks at the GIZ Annual Reception.
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Olaf Scholz praises GIZ employees: ’You work for peace and sustainable development every day.’

During a visit to GIZ’s annual reception, the Chancellor emphasised the important role of development cooperation for tackling global challenges.

There was an important guest at the annual reception of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in Berlin on 26 September: Chancellor Olaf Scholz stressed in his speech among around 230 guests that the ‘expertise and advisory services provided by GIZ based on respect and partnership’ are urgently required in order to tackle major global challenges together.

Challenges, such as pandemics, climate crises and international conflicts call for new forms of cooperation, according to the Chancellor. We therefore need an approach ‘that does not just claim to involve partnership, but that actually lives and breathes it in practice.’ He encouraged GIZ to continue on this track and to build upon cooperation with European and international partners even further.

Development cooperation is a policy of the future

Scholz underlined the importance of development cooperation, stating that ‘we can only tackle major global challenges together.’ He cited the energy transition as one example: Working together on renewable energies such as hydrogen would equally benefit producing countries as well as their European partners. In the future, he stressed that it would become more and more important to consider the interests of partner countries and make attractive offers. He believes that GIZ is leading the way: ‘Your work is based on partnership, which is exactly the approach I advocate. In our multipolar world, your experience is therefore even more valuable.’

Group picture of the speaker of GIZ’s Management Board Schäfer-Gümbel, Svenja Schulze, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, GIZ Managing Director Hoven und GIZ Managing Director Herken at GIZ’s annual reception in Berlin.

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At the same time, the Chancellor also emphasised that successful global transformation is only possible with private investment. He argued that it is therefore a key task of development cooperation to create incentives for such investment together with partner countries.

Finally, Scholz addressed GIZ staff and gave them encouragement for their work: ‘You work worldwide to give the future a friendly face – under difficult and sometimes extremely difficult circumstances. You provide hope. And I would like to thank you very much.’

At the annual reception in Berlin, GIZ invites guests from the political sphere, NGOs, churches, businesses and foundations to enter into discussions with one another, strengthen existing contacts and forge new partnerships.

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