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Dial in for Info: How a telephone quiz can help us restrict the spread of coronavirus

Using simple technology in a clever way to protect people from pandemics: a team with GIZ colleagues is among the winners at the world’s biggest hackathon.


Using artificial intelligence to fight coronavirus: Tunisia responds to the pandemic

Swift action is needed to tackle coronavirus. In Tunisia, too, digital experts are working hard to find solutions. And these are already being used around the world.


Democracy: a model of success in crisis?

The latest issue of GIZ’s akzente magazine shows what people expect from democracy and how deficits can be overcome.


Globetrotting master craftspeople: knowledge transfer, 3D printing and start-ups in Rwanda

After completing the International Master Craftsperson training course, German experts share their know-how with the rest of the world.


Climate and Environmental Report: sustainable mobility is crucial

On the road to climate neutrality in 2020: business trips are the biggest contributing factor to greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore offer the greatest potential for savings.


Women on the move: female perspectives enhance safety in public spaces

An initiative is providing new impetus in the transport sector to make travel better and safer for women in particular. In Bogotá, new ideas are already improving safety in public spaces.


Idea from a project lab: Zambians can pay their taxes by mobile phone in future

Every year, valuable tax revenue is lost in Zambia because many smaller companies do not pay taxes. A mobile solution now offers a simple way of submitting tax returns.


Ghana: new jobs and better wages thanks to fair clothing

The textile industry is becoming increasingly important to Ghana. With the support of international companies, businesses are increasing production while promoting fair working conditions.


Sustainable development with security

International cooperation improves security in unstable regions. The Munich Security Conference is an important forum for dialogue with international actors committed to peace and security.


Green urban development: Gamification in Mexico

Climate change and digital transformation are important issues in modern urban development. The Internet of Trees in Mexico is showing how to use digital solutions to involve people in the development process and make cities greener.


Qalamoun in colour: neighbourhood rehabilitation in Tripoli

In Lebanon, locals and Syrian refugees live together in difficult circumstances. They are settling together in their neighbourhood and are reducing mutual prejudices.


Job creation, health care and public involvement in decision-making

Delivering rapid and tangible improvements in Libya while paving the way for long-term stabilisation.


International Green Week 2020: Climate-friendly solutions for sustainable development

Under the motto ‘Sustainability connects us all worldwide’, GIZ will be showcasing projects for sustainable growth in Berlin that are good for people and kind to the environment.


Peace and security: doomsday scenario or optimistic mood?

The world appears to experience a new crisis every day. But is the planet really on the brink of destruction or is this just a perception? State Secretary Martin Jäger explores this question in akzente magazine.

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