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Ghana: a place for innovation

Used electrical appliances are not merely waste. Creative people like Sandy are using them for materials in their own work – even to build 3D printers.


Viet Nam: market incentives and technologies for the energy transition

To protect the climate, Viet Nam aims to generate more green electricity and feed it into the grid. Feed-in tariffs and smart grids are paving the way.


Malawi: the dream job of a drone pilot

The shortest way is by air. A drone academy is training pilots – creating jobs and fast supply chains.


Savouring chocolate, saving the forests

Cocoa is highly sought after as the raw material for chocolate – and demand for it is increasing. Cooperatives in Ecuador are cultivating cocoa without destroying forests.


Secure and clean energy for 30,000 people in Nepal

Thousands of people in the South Asian country are affected by gaps in the grid. Renewable energy is helping to change this.


Big challenges, good scores

The Evaluation Report shows that GIZ’s work is successful even in fragile contexts.


Rana Plaza 10 years on: ‘Stringent regulations, room for improvement’

The collapse of a dilapidated textile factory in Bangladesh in 2013 killed more than 1,100 people. Since the accident, the textile sector in Bangladesh has undergone significant transformation.


Improving the prospects of young people who stay in or return to their home country

Many young people in Central America leave their homeland in search of a better life. However, new opportunities are being created thanks to job training programmes in their own country.


Green hydrogen: a new market for the fuel of the future

Green hydrogen can help mitigate climate change. Pilot projects aim to make hydrogen technology ready to market.


A new app for social security benefits applications

In Pakistan, people with disabilities are entitled to social care, but the barriers are high. An app makes it easier for them to access this support.


‘Safe menstrual hygiene is linked to educational opportunities’

In Uganda, girls are frequently absent from school during their menstruation. With the support of GIZ, the government wants to change this and make education possible.


Giving the Global South a voice

Global crises can only be resolved together. GIZ is working to ensure that partners from particularly hard-hit countries are heard – for example at high-level meetings like the Munich Security Conference.


For the right to health – eradicating female genital mutilation

Governments and civil society in the Horn of Africa are working together to end female genital mutilation.


Sustainable business practices: a role model at the market

From smallholder to successful businesswoman – how Grace Akot from Uganda did it.


Pakistan: a simplified registration procedure facilitates faster flood relief

Many people in Pakistan lost everything to the floods. A customised register helps people to receive social benefits easily in crises.


Ukraine: Looking ahead with a resilient economy

Entrepreneur Olga Romanenko explains why it is important to sustain the Ukrainian economy in times of war and how the platform supports her.


‘There are red lines for us’

Interview with Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, Chair of the Management Board.


Start-ups are improving lives

A funding programme supports young companies in Africa in getting investment ready. Their digital innovations are boosting income in the agricultural sector.

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