The latest results from international cooperation: current topics that move or challenge us and the work of GIZ. Updates on project data and news from our partners in our projects worldwide provide insights into our work.

Recent news


The European Union needs to stay engaged in fragile contexts

In a joint article, Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, Chair of the Board of GIZ, and Jean Van Wetter, CEO of the Belgian development agency Enabel, point out that international development organisations play an essential role in supporting fragile states.


The power of sport. For development.

Sport in sustainable development and sustainability in sport: GIZ strengthens its partnerships at the Football Sustainability Summit.


Peru: Fresh water in old canals

GIZ has improved the water supply in Lima by reactivating the historical water canals.


GIZ adapts its structure in Afghanistan

From 2025, GIZ will implement projects in Afghanistan exclusively through non-governmental organisations.


Climate-friendly rice cultivation

GIZ works! Climate-friendly rice production reduces greenhouse gas emissions


The triple impact of international cooperation

2023 in figures: business volume at around EUR 4 billion. More than 25,000 staff in around 120 countries.


Displaced people in Mozambique: new opportunities, new optimism

It’s World Refugee Day: Many people in Mozambique are displaced within their own country. The path to building a new life starts with a secure income.


Ethiopia: turning dry soil into fertile land

In the lowlands of Ethiopia, droughts alternate with flash floods. This damages the soil and makes the land difficult to farm. GIZ is building weirs to protect these areas.


A high quality of life for all: just urban planning requires data diversity and inclusive AI

From Cairo to Lagos, cities worldwide are experiencing dramatic growth rates. Urban planners are increasingly relying on data and artificial intelligence (AI). A guest contribution by GIZ Managing Director Anna Sophie Herken.


In support of democracy: EU election observers

The EU sends observers on missions worldwide to see if elections are held freely and fairly. GIZ ensures their work runs smoothly and safely.


‘Digitalisation must serve the common good’

Interview with GIZ Managing Director Anna Sophie Herken.


‘Diversity is not just a nice-to-have‘

Janina Fischer is the Diversity Commissioner at GIZ. She talked to us about why diversity pays off and how it applies at GIZ.


Supporting the private sector in the search for skilled workers

GIZ works! Skilled workers from abroad are indispensable in Germany. GIZ helps companies in finding well-qualified applicants.


Starting a career in Baghdad

Youth unemployment is high in Iraq. GIZ supports young people in setting up businesses and starting their careers.


Women entrepreneurs in Bolivia: Business knowledge leads to success

GIZ works! GIZ has provided over 1,000 farmers with machinery. They now produce foodstuff such as quinoa more efficiently – and some of their produce is exported to Germany.


Finding hope and purpose again: support for people in Türkiye’s earthquake region

War, displacement and earthquakes have placed a huge strain on people in the region. GIZ is offering them psychosocial counselling.


Gambia: Well prepared for bird flu

Gambia’s rapid response to the latest outbreak of bird flu is protecting Europe against infections, too. An international team of experts provided the country with support.


Digital databases instead of paper files: Ukraine as a digitalisation role model

Ukraine is using a digital platform to record stocks of essential goods and distribute them to citizens in a targeted manner.


Inspector AI tackles money laundering

With the help of artificial intelligence, Peruvian authorities can identify and pursue cases of money laundering better.


Dice games, cards and conversations – solving water problems together

In India, thousands of villagers manage the groundwater in their communities together. What began as a game became a success.


"International cooperation is in Germany's interest!"

GIZ works! Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, Chair of the Management Board on how international cooperation also makes a positive impact in Germany.


The judiciary in Latin America: more protection and rights for women and girls

Training courses break down prejudices within the police, courts and authorities – and support those affected by sexual and gender-based violence.


International Women’s Day: Female Pioneers for future generations

Societies cannot be stable without gender equality and inclusion. Stories from successful women.


Emerging stronger from the pandemic – sustainable economic development in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The COVID pandemic presented huge challenges for business all over the world. GIZ is supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina with efforts to mitigate the economic impacts.


Skilled workers for Germany

GIZ works! GIZ supports SMEs in recruiting skilled workers from abroad.


Ukraine: Learning to rebuild and rebuilding to learn

GIZ works! Small communities are rebuilding their schools. New digital hubs ensure better online teaching – often from the school basement.


Modern police stations in The Gambia

The small state in West Africa is setting an example for human rights-compliant policing – with police stations that meet international standards.


Good health made simple: all vaccinations at a glance

GIZ is supporting Tunisia in extending its digital COVID-19 vaccination platform to include all the common vaccinations.


Woman power in Nepal’s health sector

Feminist development policy stands for justice and cohesion – as well as better outcomes.


Follow the money!

How do you fight drug trafficking, illegal arms trading and spyware? Company registers, which GIZ has introduced in Kenya and the Balkans.


Heat and lighting through the winter: ensuring electricity supplies in Ukraine

Large parts of Ukraine’s power grid have been damaged or destroyed by the war. GIZ is supplying the equipment needed to keep people warm through the winter.

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