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Benefiting from better controls: higher standards for evaluations

Evaluations help us to achieve lasting improvements in our work. At the same time, they generate transparency for commissioning parties, clients and the general public.


Conservation goes hand in hand with rising income in the Philippines

International Day for Biological Diversity: On the island of Panay the local people and the authorities are working together to protect the rainforest and improve living conditions.


International nurses help to improve health care provision in Germany

Qualified professionals from abroad are offered career prospects and nurse shortages are reduced at the same time.


Peace in Mali

Even in fragile states, international cooperation can achieve success.


Blockchain technology simplifies land registration in the South Caucasus

What opportunities do new digital technologies offer for global sustainable development? This and other topics will be discussed next week at the re:publica conference on digital culture.


Better working conditions in Bangladesh

Five years on from the Rana Plaza disaster: more than 1,000 factories have improved their working conditions, and the Textiles Partnership is monitoring the entire supply chain.


State Secretary Jäger appointed new Chair of the GIZ Supervisory Board

Appointment takes effect on 13 April 2018


Preuß to move to the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

The recruitment process is under way


Migration advice centre in Senegal successfully up and running

Since the end of January, over 550 people have obtained information from the centre in Dakar about job openings, training courses and opportunities for migrating to Germany.


Green Climate Fund finances climate adaptation in Grenada

The first project proposed by GIZ has been approved. More than 100,000 people are to benefit from a more reliable water supply.


A healthy balance: Liberia encourages women to aim high

Gender equality plays a key role in one of GIZ’s health projects in West Africa – as it does within the company as a whole. This is borne out by the new Global Health 50/50 Report.


‘Anti-Semitic statements unacceptable’

GIZ employees have commented on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Facebook posts. GIZ is investigating each case in detail.


‘We do not tolerate any form of sexual harassment’

GIZ takes a tough stance against sexual assault and operates a comprehensive, anonymous whistleblowing system to protect victims and complainants, and to follow up all reports rigorously.


Study: Demands on Germany greater than ever

154 interviews in 24 countries put the spotlight on how Germany is perceived around the world: the third Germany study was published today.


Clean drinking water for 1.28 million people

On World Water Day: 38 municipalities in Mali benefit from significantly improved drinking water supply.


Eastern Ukraine: Creating prospects for internally displaced persons

Roughly 1.5 million people in Ukraine are internally displaced in their own country. Host communities and towns are being supported in their efforts to integrate internally displaced persons.


AFRIKA KOMMT! – 10 years of successful bridge-building

International Women’s Day: a former participant in the AFRIKA KOMMT! programme has built a highly successful wastewater treatment business


Tourism for a better future

Sustainable tourism in Morocco generates income and employment for the rural population.


Campus Kottenforst opens

In Bonn-Roettgen, GIZ trains experts in global sustainable development.


Lassa fever in Benin – German team provides help on the ground

Medical experts that can be mobilised quickly are helping people to spot infectious diseases early and introduce immediate countermeasures.


New issue of akzente: ‘Digitalisation: Driving development’

01.03.2018 – The new issue of akzente, the GIZ magazine, is out today, providing background information, opinions and facts on digitalisation.


Teamwork: Sport for Development benefits Syrian refugees and local communities

Special coaching sessions are giving young people in Jordan the chance to learn not only sporting skills, but also how to support one another and resolve conflicts peacefully.


Digital principles for sustainable development signed

GIZ has signed the Principles for Digital Development. The objective: using digital technology effectively in development work, for example, to support farmers in India.


Knowing what works

Good marks for GIZ in the current evaluation report.


Development in fragile states

When working in regions affected by conflict, the demands are high – long-term reform processes and reliable partnerships are particularly valuable.


Ethiopia boosts access to electricity and renewable energy

Despite Ethiopia’s abundance of renewable energy, only a small proportion of its population has an electricity supply. However, this proportion is growing.


Agricultural insurance policies for farmers in Peru

In Peru, assistance is being provided to develop and expand agricultural insurance. Farmers can obtain cover for crop failures caused by extreme weather events.


Cornelia Richter takes up new post at United Nations agency

From 1 February 2018, GIZ Managing Director Cornelia Richter is taking up a new post as Vice-President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development in Rome.


Green Week 2018: A world without hunger is possible

Cotton, cocoa, mango: the German Development Ministry’s special exhibition shows how fair trade products are improving livelihoods all over the world.


Sub-Saharan Africa: More training, more jobs, more income

A broad alliance of governments, companies and civil society actors in Africa and beyond is bringing new economic power to the people.

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