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Using knowledge: GIZ presents its Evaluation Report 2020

Following reform of its evaluation system, GIZ has improved the quality and comparability of its evaluation data, which provide an important basis for project work.


Digital skills and support for young people in the tech sector

Training in future technologies: Orange Digital Centres in Africa and the Middle East teach young people practical digital skills.


The pandemic has realigned the SDG compass

Now is the time to pave the way for sustainability everywhere, using the global goals as a guide. A commentary by Tanja Gönner, Chair of the GIZ Management Board.


Malawi: medicine delivered by drone

Drones can deliver medicines very quickly – even to remote locations. In Africa in particular, they could be extremely helpful in fighting the pandemic.


Lebanon: Swift and steady support in persistently difficult times

Six months have passed since the massive explosion in Beirut, but the need for assistance remains. The German Government continues to rely on GIZ, among others, to implement measures.


Ethiopia: ‘You can only fight a pandemic together’

In an interview with the Agency for Business & Economic Development (AWE), Joost Hemmelder from Tradin Organic explains what the food company has learned while dealing with the pandemic.


The coronavirus pandemic: how Europe is learning from Africa

To track and trace contacts, German health authorities are using SORMAS, a disease surveillance system invented and trialled in Nigeria.


Kenya: comprehensive package for young people entering the labour market

Giving young people practical experience and working closely with companies helps overcome prejudices and creates job prospects, particularly for women.


‘Learning from one another’ – sustainable forest protection in Central America

Forestry scientist Jan Bock has been working for GIZ in El Salvador for the past three years. With his team, he supports the sustainable protection of forests.

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