Providing support for displacement and migration

More and more people are having to leave their homes. War and conflict are forcing them to seek refuge either within their own country or beyond its borders. Many others are compelled to leave because of climate change, or because poverty and unemployment give them no choice but to look for a better future elsewhere. Together with its commissioning parties, clients and partners, GIZ works in the area of displacement and migration worldwide.*


Supporting refugees and IDPs 

People flee their home countries or regions because of war and violence or persecution because of political opinions, religion or sexual orientation. GIZ supports medical and psychosocial measures and employment programmes for refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs), and opens up access for children to school education, to name just a few examples. In order to cope with the influx of refugees and IDPs in host communities, GIZ’s projects help build school extensions, safeguard water supply and offer training courses in conflict management.

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Improving conditions for people in host communities

Refugees and IDPs pose huge challenges for host communities. Municipal and civil society institutions are frequently unable to deal with the increased demand for basic services. GIZ promotes vocational training, for example, and assists municipalities in ensuring the availability of improved accommodation and in applying for loans and funding for construction projects. Social cohesion also plays an important role in host communities, however. GIZ therefore supports the construction of sports and recreation facilities that provide opportunities for people to meet and socialise. 

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Providing opportunities for returnees 

Many people who leave their countries of origin wish to return some day. They too benefit from support, for example through centres that advise job seekers. Together with its partner organisations, GIZ also helps finance return-to-work measures through limited-term salary top-ups or funding for equipment. Such services are usually also available to people who have remained in their home country. 

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*The results data outlined here relate to the review year 2021.

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