Adapting to climate change

The impact of climate change is evident in all parts of the world. Sea levels are rising, heat waves and storms are becoming more frequent, and droughts are lasting longer. More and more people are affected, either by crop failure and damage, or because their homes are under threat.*

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Reducing greenhouse gases

Sustainable transport strategies and renewable energies, for example, can help reduce emissions and combat climate change. In the field of energy, for instance, measures could include constructing renewable energy plants (e.g. that use photovoltaic (PV) systems), using more efficient technology (e.g. energy-saving bulbs), distributing and using more efficient cooking stoves or opening up access to clean energy.

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Providing better protection for people affected by climate change

Climate change has even more devastating consequences for poorer countries. It robs people of their livelihoods, hampers their professional development and affects their health. GIZ helps people protect themselves from the fallout of climate change, for example through insurance against damage, enhanced coastal protection and climate-resilient farming methods.


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How many public institutions and enterprises can improve their ability to adapt to climate change?

Public institutions and enterprises may be directly impacted by climate change, for example, as a result of power outages or damage to buildings. They are also indirectly affected by the scarcity and an increase in the price of resources such as water or energy and vulnerable infrastructure. GIZ helps governments, enterprises and key actors to better assess climate-related risks and opportunities and to develop adaptation strategies. This helps boost the resilience of value chains, for example, and also helps increase awareness of the impact of climate change. 

* The results data outlined here relate to the review year 2021.

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