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As well as covering many different thematic areas, GIZ has drawn on its wealth of experience to develop a diverse portfolio of strategies and methodologies for its work. Its services can thus be tailored so that they are a perfect fit for clients and partners. A particular asset, in this context, is GIZ’s management model Capacity WORKS.

In more than 50 years of international cooperation for sustainable development, GIZ has not only gained profound experience in many different sectors. It can also offer a range of services which are customised to meet its clients’ needs.

Advisory services

We deliver advice on policy and strategy to state decision-makers in key positions within reform and change processes. Technical advice is usually provided by experts working directly with individuals. In organisational consultancy we support organisations in improving their capacities for communication, cooperation and organisation, and their networking.

Managing complex projects and programmes

In order to manage complex social changes you need models that not only take account of individual organisations, but also the work they carry out together. Conventional management models do not do this. GIZ supports social changes in a variety of ways: as a facilitator, a mediator and a change agent. In performing these roles, we apply our management model Capacity WORKS.

Management komplexer Projekte und Programme Managing complex projects and programmes


Drawing on our experience and expertise in managing partnerships, we help build partnerships that bring together actors from the public sector and private sector, the scientific community and civil society, and to achieve measurable results.

Multi-Akteurs-Partnerschaften Multi-stakeholder partnerships

Development partnerships with the private sector

To achieve its objectives, development cooperation needs private-sector involvement. Development partnerships with the private sector address respective interests and leverage the particular strengths of each partner. GIZ offers an extensive range of services for interested companies from the development to the implementation of the joint project.


Entwicklungspartnerschaften mit der Wirtschaft Development Partnerships with the Private Sector

International competency development

We support the human capacity development of young professionals, experts, managers and leaders, as well as trainers, advisors and consultants. The aim is to enable people to achieve sustainable results within their own system of reference. We vary the services we provide in order to precisely match the needs of the individual or group concerned, combining different services as required. We deliver these services both in Germany and in partner countries.

E-Learning: Learning and teaching with new media

As a tool for training and networking people that are spread far and wide, e-Learning can play a key role in achieving your project objectives. We advise our clients and partners on the development and implementation of e-Learning, e-Coaching and e-Collaboration.

Leadership development for global responsibility

In order to implement international cooperation projects successfully and help shape the international debate, you need managers with the right skills. At GIZ’s Leadership Development Workshop, your young professionals will learn how to develop and implement sustainable solutions for present and future generations.

Networking, dialogue and moderation

GIZ supports the management of networks and dialogue platforms. These services are provided to individuals and/or organisations, and may be either confined to a region, or delivered globally. Their purpose is determined to a great extent by the actors involved (which might include specialist networks for knowledge generation, lobbying and advocacy networks for shaping opinion, networks of political decision-makers or experts for joint learning, or other kinds of networks). GIZ has extensive experience in mediating complex processes involving multilayered constellations of interests and conflict and a large number of actors.

Network management

Networks have become key facilitators in successful international cooperation. They promote exchanges and mutual learning amongst their members with regard to cross-sectoral issues, regional developments and methodological procedure. They are good for fostering decision-making and the achievement of objectives. We support our clients in all network management processes.

Netzwerke Networks

Alumni networks without borders – former associates become partners

Successful organisations maintain links with former associates and work with them to achieve their goals. Associates become partners that support you in all areas of your work: learning, marketing, knowledge management, training and finance. They also help establish new contacts.

We can turn your alumni into an international network of disseminators, considerably increasing the impact of your work.

Alumni – Bindung und Vernetzung Alumni – building loyalty by networking

Competitions create incentives and encourage involvement

Awakening potentials, rewarding initiatives, building bridges between education and businesses, between generations or different stakeholders – competitions can be used in many different ways. They promote creativity, support learning processes and development and are interesting platforms for dialogue and stakeholder alliances. Hold a competition and get things moving!

Wettbewerbe – Anreize schaffen, Engagement fördern Competitions create incentives and encourage involvement

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing is a response to changes in the parameters and needs of the global knowledge society. It promotes joint learning in transformation processes and joint development of innovation, feeding this learning and innovation into the international debate. Knowledge sharing therefore represents a new dynamic in international cooperation and helps to create equal partnerships.

Knowledge sharing Knowledge sharing

Management and logistics

This segment of our services includes the following instruments: event management, management and supervision of construction and infrastructure projects, procurement and logistics, project management, placement of experts, fund management, the handling of financing and project management arrangements.

Fund management

Funds are a way to provide financing for international activities in selected sectors quickly and efficiently. We provide professional support to both clients and partners in setting up and managing funds.

Fonds Funds

Results-based monitoring

A project is only considered successful if the planned results - that is the changes that can be causally and plausibly attributed to the project - can be substantiated. The results-based monitoring system helps our partners' projects and programmes to align themselves with managing for development results. GIZ offers advisory and training packages on applying the system.

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