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Security, reconstruction and peace

Violent conflicts and natural disasters threaten the lives and livelihoods of millions of people worldwide. We support our partners in alleviating the structural causes of violent conflict and developing capacities for peaceful conflict transformation. We help them assure the safety of the population and reduce the impact of natural disasters and violent conflict by means of preventive measures, emergency aid and reconstruction programmes. In this way, we aim to stabilise fragile contexts in order to make development a reality for all sections of society.

Our strength lies in linking short-term aid with long-term prospects. In the security sector, we support the demobilisation and reintegration of ex-combatants and provide advice on the build up and reform of capable, democratically legitimate and monitored institutions.

After a crisis we seek to alleviate deprivation through short-term emergency assistance while at the same time planning and initiating steps towards comprehensive reconstruction. We provide foodstuffs and encourage a quick resumption of agricultural activities. We promote employment and secure incomes.

Furthermore we help our partners in finding sustainable solutions to conflicts. We empower people and institutions in assuming responsibility for a non-violent resolution of conflicts and work with adolescents to provide them with better opportunities for the future. We support our partners in finding ways to deal with past injustices, in restoring confidence and in enshrining the rule of law in all public institutions.

Emergency Aid and Disaster Risk Management

Disaster risk management

Disasters do not just bring development to a standstill – they set it back years. Our work aims to sustainably reduce risks through disaster risk management. Preventive measures must take into account different sectors and be systematically integrated into national, regional and local development strategies. 


Food security in the context of conflicts and disasters

In order to help overcome critical food situations quickly and effectively, we take an integrated approach. This involves stabilising social structures and livelihoods, de-escalating conflicts and reducing the risk of disasters. 

Ernährungssicherung im Kontext von Konflikten und Katastrophen Food security in the context of conflicts and natural disasters

Reconstruction for crisis prevention

Our work contributes to ensure the swift reconstruction of local infrastructure and to put in place an environment that will enable the population affected to secure their livelihoods in the long term.

Wiederaufbau Reconstruction for crisis prevention

Peace and Security

Security sector reform

There can be no development without security and no security without development. Our work aims to improve democratic control over the security sector in partner countries, thus fostering the rule of law and stability.

Sicherheit Security

Crisis prevention and peace building

Crises and armed conflicts destroy the livelihoods of many people, entail high economic costs and wipe out the results of years of development work within a very short period of time. We help our partners tackle the root causes of the conflict and prevent conflicts escalating. To this end GIZ has developed innovative approaches to influence certain aspects of conflict dynamics.

Frieden Crisis prevention and peace building

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