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Social development

A peaceful society worth living in is based on basic social policy values, such as equality of opportunity, solidarity and participation. Long term social policy investments in society promote sustainable development and economic growth. Education, health and social protection systems provide people with an opportunity to develop from their own resources and live independently. More – education and health are human rights.

Education is a powerful driver of development. We promote formal and informal education in preschool, basic education and university education. To make optimal use of the potential of young people, we develop concepts for economic and social integration and empowerment of youth.

Health and Social Protection

Health and Social Protection


Strengthening preventive health services is an important contribution to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). For more than 25 years we have been assisting partner countries to establish and reform health care systems and to combat pandemics and tropical diseases. In order to protect people living in poverty against risks of life, we cooperate with our partners to develop regionally adapted social protection systems, such as health- and micro-insurances.

Based on these needs, we adapt our successfully proven techniques and tools to the needs of our partners. Our extensive networking keeps us in constant touch with international organisations, initiatives and foundations.


Health promotion

Measures aimed at creating healthy living conditions and preventing diseases before they even begin are often more cost-effective than treatment. Therefore we support disease prevention and health promotion oriented to the settings in which people live, learn, work, consume and plan.


Improving sexual and reproductive health

We work systematically to ensure that everyone has free access to information and knowledge about sexual health. In principle, this applies to everyone, regardless of their sex, social or ethnic origin. The knowledge about contraceptive methods must be flanked by unrestricted access to the relevant goods and services.

Sexuelle und reproduktive Gesundheit und Rechte fördern Promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights

Strengthening health systems

A well performing health system provides the entire population with access to appropriate, acceptable and effective medical care. Therefore together with our partners we direct our work to enhance the efficiency of health institutions, regional authorities and ministries. Doing this we contribute to meet the needs of the people for health care.

Stärkung von Gesundheitssystemen

HIV and health

The focus of our work is to prevent new infections through comprehensive prevention programmes. At the same time, GIZ together with its partners is engaged in improving treatment and care, supporting those affected and reducing stigmatisation and discrimination.

HIV und Gesundheit HIV and health


Quality education for a better future

"Education for all" is a human right. A good education policy lays the foundations for strengthening countries' democratic and economic development. We support our partners to develop and implement an equitable quality education policy for all children and adolescents. Our approach takes account of the interests of all population groups, which is especially important for multi-lingual societies.

Bildungsqualität für eine bessere Zukunft Quality education for a better future

Training and capacity building for teachers

A well-performing, high-quality, equitable and stable education system needs an adequate number of well-trained teachers, supported by an efficient administration. We seek to improve teachers’ subject knowledge and teaching skills. We also advise our partners on how to enhance the efficiency of head teachers and school inspectors.

Starke Institutionen in Bildung und Wissenschaft Strong institutions in education and science Children and youth Ansätze und Methoden der Kinder- und Jugend-förderung Sport für Entwicklung Sport for Development

Social protection

Social health protection

Around the world, 1.3 billion people lack access to adequate and affordable health care. To address this issue, GIZ has developed a range of health insurance approaches in recent years. These include the promotion, expansion and integration of community-based health insurance schemes, market-based microinsurance programmes and health-related social transfers.

Soziale Absicherung im Krankheitsfall Introduction and development of social health insurance schemes

Strategies to implement social justice

Social protection facilitates social justice through risk management, sustainable financial structures, pension provision and social transfers.  Therefore GIZ supports its partners to establish and develop social protection systems. We also give advice on developing public and private schemes, such as micro-insurance products for particularly vulnerable groups.

Systeme sozialer Sicherung Strategies to implement social justice

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