Strategic partner for foundations

Expertise: GIZ’s years of experience in the field of international cooperation provide considerable expertise across a range of global issues. GIZ has extensive know-how in project implementation and a tried-and-tested network of national and local agencies, civil society organisations and private sector companies in more than 130 countries.

GIZ as a partner: With experience in shaping complex processes, GIZ brings together diverse interests from politics, the private sector and civil society in both international and local contexts. This makes GIZ the ideal partner for foundations seeking to implement and achieve their strategic objectives, especially in developing countries and emerging economies. GIZ operates in many different sectors, including education, climate change mitigation, health, digitalisation and sustainable economic development.


GIZ’s services for foundations and private sponsors include:

  • Advisory services
    GIZ advises foundations on engagement in developing countries and emerging economies. Long-term close cooperation with governments and non-governmental organisations around the world means that the company’s experts have substantial regional skills, forming a solid basis for successful and effective long-term project implementation.
  • Project implementation
    With specialist knowledge, GIZ supports effective and sustainable project development and local implementation. Throughout project implementation, progress is being monitored using specific performance indicators, gauging the long-term impact of projects. This enables foundations to test their ideas, compile examples of best practice and roll out successful models to other sectors and regions.
  • Access to dialogue platforms and networks
    GIZ helps foundations and private sponsors to find suitable partners, enabling them to establish a network of contacts and jointly implement ideas internationally and locally. Working with foundations and partners, we discuss perspectives and objectives and devise tailor-made solutions.

Working with GIZ 

Foundations can cooperate with GIZ in a number of ways.

  • Foundations as commissioning parties
    • Cofinancing: A foundation makes a financial contribution to a current project on behalf of a public commissioning party (e.g. BMZ). The project receiving support benefits from the protection of having agreements with partner governments and is implemented in line with standards agreed by the relevant ministry.
    • Direct commissioning: A foundation commissions GIZ to implement an individual and tailor-made service from its design through to implementation and evaluation.
  • Other forms of cooperation
    Where foundations and GIZ are pursuing shared objectives, there are further opportunities for cooperation, such as joint event organisation or commissioning of a foundation by GIZ.

Additional information

Cofinancing a project with public sector clients (e.g. BMZ)

Hospital Partnerships – Partners Strengthen Health is an initiative that promotes hospital partnerships. Together with the Else Kröner-Fresenius Foundation, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) funds partnerships between German hospitals and health facilities in developing countries and emerging economies with a view to improving health care in these countries. As the implementing organisation, GIZ is responsible for publishing calls for project proposals, managing financial support and delivering expert advice. We also assist partners with medical and administrative issues during project implementation.

Direct commissioning 

Hanga Ahazaza – Create the Future: This programme helps young people in Rwanda get jobs. The young people benefit from reforms in the training programme for the tourism and hospitality sector. They can also access loans and improve their entrepreneurial skills. GIZ is implementing the Vocational Education and Training component of the Hanga Ahazaza initiative on behalf of the Mastercard Foundation.

Cofinancing by multiple partners

Sanitation for Millions: This global programme is a platform for cooperation between international donors in the area of sanitation. The regional priority areas are countries that are taking in refugees and internally displaced people and are affected by domestic conflict. The programme currently operates in Jordan, Pakistan and Uganda, with plans to expand its activities. Alongside the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Sanitation for Millions is also supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the UK non-profit organisation Water Unite and the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.    

Other forms of cooperation: the Global Leadership Academy (GLAC)

The Global Leadership Academy (GLAC) was commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and establishes new responses to global challenges. It offers decision-makers from all sectors the opportunity to develop innovative approaches in their field. GLAC and its international partners create space for reflective dialogue between managers and change agents. Its formats include leadership and innovation labs, for example as part of the Global Diplomacy Lab.