Improving vocational training in Benin

Project description

TitleImproving vocational training in Benin (ProFoP)
Commissioned byGerman Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: Benin
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Secondary and Technical Education and Vocational Training
Overall term: 2021 to 2024

Trainees at a technical agricultural secondary school, Copyright (Samson Toulassi/GIZ)


The vocational training system in Benin cannot provide either good quality or sufficient numbers of experts to meet the skills requirements of the private sector. To date, fewer than ten per cent of secondary school pupils complete their vocational secondary school education. Although many young people enter into traditional apprenticeships, inadequate standards mean that these do not allow for employment in the formal economy. The consequences of these deficits are unemployment or precarious employment relationships as well as low economic productivity.


The institutional framework for formal vocational training that is aligned to the needs of the private sector is improved.


The project implements training courses and advisory services in order to improve the availability and quality of vocational education and training taking into account the needs of the private sector. This will give more young people access to practical training in future-oriented sectors such as agriculture and renewable energies.

To this end, the project works in three fields of activity:

  • Firstly, it strengthens the steering capacities of the state structures, allowing them to design cooperative vocational training offerings.
  • In addition, it develops cooperation mechanisms between economic actors and vocational training institutions.
  • Furthermore, the project pilots cooperative training offers in the agriculture and renewable energies sectors. ECO Consult implements this measure.

Last update: October 2021