Working together to promote Ukrainian energy transformation

Project description

Title: Secretariat of the German-Ukrainian Energy Partnership
Commissioned by: German Energy Agency (dena)
Country: Ukraine
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Energy of Ukraine
Overall term: 2020 to 2023


Germany is one of Ukraine’s most important trade and investment partners. The German Federal Government cooperates intensively at an economic and political level with Ukraine, whose energy-intensive economy is in great need of modernisation. Germany thus promotes a wide range of projects in Ukraine in the area of climate, energy and energy efficiency.

In August 2020, the two countries consolidated their cooperation with a joint declaration of intent covering energy efficiency, modernising power and heat generation methods, expanding renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The German-Ukrainian Energy Partnership (EP) offers a framework for political dialogue in the energy sector in the two countries. The aim here is to make their cooperation more effective with regard to energy and climate issues.


Progress has been made towards successful energy transformation in Ukraine. The partnership between Ukraine and Germany in the area of climate and energy contributes to global climate protection and increases export opportunities for German companies on the Ukrainian market.


The Energy Partnership works on the issues of energy efficiency, integrating renewable energy, hydrogen, carbon transformation and decarbonisation.

In this process it promotes political and technical dialogue on these issues through events, academic studies, delegation missions and public relations work.

A steering committee defines joint activities, determines the priority areas and areas of responsibility of the Energy Partnership, and identifies sources of funding. Five working groups for the above topic areas ensure ongoing exchange between the partners.

Last update: October 2021

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