Promoting filmmakers in Kenya and Rwanda

Project description

Title: Education and Training of Media Professionals in Africa
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: Kenya, Rwanda
Lead executing agency: Rwanda Film Office, Kenya Film Commission
Overall term: 2021 to 2023


Demand for African films and media content is soaring. As a result, new, dynamic branches of economic activity are emerging in Kenya and Rwanda. With their stories and films, talented young directors and actors are shaping the culture and perception of their countries. At the same time, both countries lack well-trained, experienced workers and effective support strategies. The existing distribution systems and economic conditions are not yet sufficiently structured to make it possible for the film industry to develop into a major motor for employment in the aspiring creative scene.


The film industry in Kenya and Rwanda has been strengthened. Filmmakers have acquired professional skills and relevant government support strategies are being implemented.


The project works in the following areas:

  • It promotes hands-on skills development in filmmaking geared to labour market needs by means of online training courses, webinars and podcasts. At the same time, it supports young talent producing their own work.
  • In collaboration with the Kenya Film Commission and the Rwanda Film Office it is implementing national film-promoting projects, such as the creation of national film funds.
  • To improve conditions for the distribution of regional films, the project supports both countries in their efforts to facilitate market access for filmmakers, create economic incentives and develop networks.

Last update: März 2022

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