Assessing the impacts of regulations in Croatia

Project description

Title: Strengthening the Implementation of Regulatory Impact Assessment in Croatia
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK)
Cofinanced by: European Union (EU)
Country: Croatia
Lead executing agency: Legislation Office of the Government of the Republic of Croatia (GLO), Croatian Regulatory Agency for Network Industries (HAKOM)
Overall term: 2021 to 2023



In recent years Croatian authorities have prioritised reforms aiming to significantly reduce the burden on businesses and citizens by streamlining cumbersome administrative and legislative requirements. A very important step was taken in 2017, when the country adopted a new Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) law. However, implementing the new RIA Law is challenging. Both the European Commission (EC) and OECD see enhancing the ability of relevant authorities to perform regulatory impact assessment (RIA) effectively and efficiently as vital.

The European Commission and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs are supporting the Croatian Government and regulatory agencies by providing technical expertise to improve their regulatory work. The intention is to make domestic institutions better able to design, implement and evaluate policies for the benefit of citizens and businesses.


The application of regulatory impact assessment by Croatian authorities is benefitting the country's economy, leading to economic growth, more employment opportunities, innovation, and increased investments.


The project seeks to:

  • Enhance the analytical abilities of the Legislation Office of the Croatian Government and Croatian Ministries so that they can apply appropriate methodological tools and processes of RIA to improve the country‚Äôs overall regulatory performance.
  • Assist the Croatian Regulatory Agency for Network Industries in learning how to apply adequate RIA methodologies and processes in telecommunications, postal services, and railways.
  • Spread the application of RIA methodologies and processes to the most relevant public bodies, by carrying out operational training, for example, for the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (HAKOM) and key ministries.

Last update: February 2022