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Consultancy services to develop gender response measures and strategies for the emerging green hydrogen economy in South Africa

Globally, the demand for green hydrogen (H2) and green hydrogen-based products such as ammonia and synthetic jet fuels (PtX) is rising.  To fulfill decarbonization targets, many off-takers (e.g. EU and Japan) are willing to pay a premium price and to sign long-term supply agreements to stimulate H2/PtX market development. Due to the outstanding potential of renewable energy sources and existing hydrogen production facilities, South Africa is regarded as one of the main future suppliers of green hydrogen products. As such, the emergence of a green H2 economy could open-up not only promising new export markets for South African companies, but domestic use and employment opportunities as well.

Within this context, it becomes important to ensure that the emerging employment opportunities (and other associated green H2 benefits) are made equally accessible to both women and men. Gender mainstreaming is therefore an important consideration to contribute to a socially inclusive and just transition through the green H2 economy in South Africa. To this end, deliberate measures and strategies would be needed to ensure that the gender inequalities experienced in the energy sector do not carry over into the green H2 economy. To achieve this, a critical examination of the underlying gaps and challenges of gender diversity in the green H2 supply chain as well as associated use sectors - for example aviation, steel and shipping - is needed in order to develop the appropriate gender diversity measures and strategies for the green H2 economy.

The GIZ, in partnership with the Investment Infrastructure Office (IIO) of the Presidency is implementing a project to promote a sustainable green hydrogen economy in South Africa.

One of the activities identified under the workstream of sustainability and just transition of the project relates to promoting gender diversity by increasing the participation of women in the emerging green hydrogen economy.

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