Promoting multi-stakeholder partnerships

Platform for Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships (MSPs) for Implementing the 2030 Agenda

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  • Commissioning Party

    German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

  • Country
  • Overall term

    2015 to 2025

  • Products and expertise

    Governance and democracy

People taking part in a workshop sitting together and discussing sustainability in MSPs.


International cooperation needs strong partnerships to achieve the 2030 Agenda goals. The major global challenges, such as guaranteeing decent working conditions, ensuring access to health care and averting global warming, cannot be overcome by one actor alone.

The 2030 Agenda therefore provides scope to establish multi-stakeholder partnerships (MSPs). MSPs involve partners from at least three of the following areas: civil society, public sector, private sector and academia. They work together to contribute to the common good.

Overall, MSPs have had varying degrees of success around the world. Some have contributed significantly to major successes in international cooperation in recent years, while others have never progressed beyond the planning phase. To help them achieve their potential to make a difference they require appropriate information, training, support and advisory services.


MSPs are in a better position to implement the 2030 Agenda.


The project hosts the secretariat for the Platform for Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships (Partnerships2030). It also works with Engagement Global – bengo to promote partnerships initiated by civil society.

Partnerships2030 provides information and advisory services to stakeholders from the public sector, civil society, private sector and academia, thereby helping to ensure successful and equal cooperation within partnerships.

To achieve this, the project:

  • Provides specialist information
  • Offers support and advisory services on initiating and planning new partnerships
  • Organises dialogue and information events
  • Develops and provides opportunities for learning and training
  • Offers individual advisory services for existing MSPs

Last update: January 2023

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