Globe as a monument against the evening sky
Globe as a monument against the evening sky
Globe as a monument against the evening sky


Global Programmes

Regional Cooperation

Sustainable infrastructure

Environment and climate change

Proklima – Worldwide promotion of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient cooling technologies Sustainable and climate-friendly phase-out of ozone-depleting substances (SPODS) Cool Contributions fighting Climate Change (C4) New knowledge about climate change and human mobility ICT-based Adaptation to Climate Change in Cities Partnership against Poaching and Illegal Wildlife Trade in Africa and Asia Global support initiative to implement good governance for forest conservation Blue Solutions – Solutions for the Conservation of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems Bilateral energy partnerships (BMWi) Using genetic resources equitably Programme for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (PEEB) Partners for Review Information Matters: ambitious climate reporting NDC Assist – Contributing to the NDC Partnership Climate Finance Readiness Programme – CF Ready Support project for the implementation of the Paris Agreement (BMUB) Enhancing climate services for infrastructure investment (CSI) (BMUB) Vertically integrated climate protection Support for the Nitric Acid Climate Action Group Globaler Kohlenstoffmarkt Water and wastewater companies for climate mitigation (WaCCliM) ValuES: Integrating ecosystem services into policy, planning and practice Promoting entrepreneurial commitment to biodiversity-friendly production and marketing Strategic environmental dialogues Mainstreaming EbA – Strengthening ecosystem-based adaptation in planning and decision-making processes Management und Zerstörung von ozonschädlichen Substanzen in ODS-Banken REDD Early Movers – Tools and Instruments REDD Early Movers – International Initiatives Risk assessment and management for adaptation to climate change Führung in globaler Verantwortung – Climate Leadership Plus Programm German Green Cooling Initiative Concepts for sustainable waste management

Rural development

Security, reconstruction and peace

Social development

Governance and democracy

Economic development and employment

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