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Contract for e-recruitment and inclusive hiring practices for SMMEs in South Africa - Programme for Digital Skills for Jobs and Income (DS4JI)

The broad-based improvement of quality of vocational training in South Africa is a key area of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The Digital Skills for Jobs and Income Project (DS4JI), commissioned to GIZ by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) aims to increase the employment prospects of young people, especially women, within the scope of labour-market-oriented further training and networking activities.

As the second-largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa and the only African member of the G20, the Republic of South Africa is one of the most politically and economically influential states in sub-Saharan Africa. However, stagnating economic growth has undermined this position. Especially the increasingly high unemployment undermines social cohesion and reinforces the already high inequalities in the country. Young people and especially young women are particularly affected by the poor labour market situation.

At the same time, companies in South Africa complain about a shortage of well-qualified digitally skilled workers as the labour market has a stronger demand for future skills specifically focused on digital and other 21st century skills. Organisations in South Africa face the challenge of developing and maintaining multi-talented, multi-skilled workforces that meet the criteria of digital workplace demands, virtualised teams and the rapidly evolving world of work.

The focus of this tender is to address the personnel recruitment processes of selected South African small and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs). The aim is to improve their capacity to recruit young people with digital skills in a gender-sensitive and inclusive way; and to use digitised recruitment tools and instruments to facilitate targeted selection and recruitment of digitally competent young people. Thus, improving access to employment.

This could be accomplished by:

  • Introduction of Human Resources (HR) instruments (new or existing) that comprehensively map soft skills (e.g. conduct, initiative, critical thinking) to 500 representatives of SMMEs,
  • Training of HR managers from these SMMEs (150) on gender-sensitive, digital approaches to human resources development and skills assessment,
  • Development and implementation of e-training courses.

The development of an appropriate digital toolkit (e.g. integration of content from platforms such as LinkedIn, introduction of video applications, serious games as a selection mechanism, etc.) will strengthen the companies' HR management capacities. The HR professional’s individual competences with regard to the use of digital tools and gender sensitivity should be increased. The gender-sensitive design (including - diversity, equity and inclusion) of the instruments and the sensitisation of HR managers specifically contributes to equal opportunities for women in the labour market.

GIZ invites eligible and professional companies with local presence in South Africa to participate in this tender.

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