Live Tenders: GIZ India

To realise our vision to shape a future worth living, we work hand in hand with a number of external service suppliers from different disciplines. On this tender marketplace we provide an overview of current tenders that are targeted at companies, agencies, suppliers, and vendors. 

Kindly submit bids/proposals for GIZ India Tenders electronically to only. Please note that bids/proposals submitted to any other GIZ email address will not be considered.

Note on Procedures 

  • Bidders are requested to submit the proposals in PDF format, preferably in a single email along with all supporting documents. Please use a compressed (.zip) folder not exceeding a total file size of 20 MB. Files/folders larger than 20 MB cannot be technically processed, which results in the bids not being submitted.
  • Uploading bids to open-source platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or similar platforms is strictly forbidden due to data protection regulations. Bidders who submit their bids on these platforms will be immediately rejected.
  • Bids/proposals submitted by fax or hard copy will not be considered. All bids/proposals are to be sent via email to only.
  • Bids/proposals received after the tender deadline will not be considered in the evaluation.

Please click on the ‘Live Tenders’ option below to view the current openings. Relevant documents that need to be submitted can be found as a download option on the linked page.