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Supporting civil society organisations

Strengthening Civil Society Organisations in the Palestinian Territories

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  • Commissioning Party

    German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

  • Overall term

    2023 to 2026

  • Products and expertise

    Governance and democracy


Civil society organisations (CSOs) play a significant role in Palestine. They advocate for human rights as well as fill in gaps of service provision.

Despite having well-rooted organisations, Palestinian civil society faces numerous challenges. These are caused by political instability and the ongoing occupation, both of which, in different ways, have serious implications for Palestinian civil society in terms of the approach taken by the Israeli and Palestinian authorities.

In addition, organisations are faced with Israeli forces regularly taking action against Palestinian CSOs. In such a complex environment, it is crucial to support civil society.


Palestinian CSOs are supported in promoting the rights and participation of marginalised groups and communities.


The project supports around 30 CSOs and coalitions which represent the rights of young people, women, and people with disabilities. It has ten years of experience of doing so in a context-specific, inclusive and demand-driven manner. The project operates in several fields of action:

  • It promotes dialogues between CSOs and public stakeholders to facilitate constructive relations between the state and civil society.
  • It connects CSOs to enhance the social and political participation of marginalised groups.
  • It improves accountability and participation by means of training on inclusive governance.
  • It provides support with regard to organisational issues such as project management, fundraising, monitoring and evaluation.
  • It identifies the CSOs’ long-term needs.
  • It shares innovative approaches with the CSOs, such as digitalisation, human-centred design, social entrepreneurship, the ‘do no harm’ methodology and ‘leave no one behind’.
  • It promotes dialogue between the CSOs on the various approaches.

Last update: July 2023

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