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Shaping socio-ecological development together with the private sector

Private Sector Cooperation Sector Programme

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  • Commissioning Party

    German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

  • Country
  • Overall term

    2024 to 2026

  • Products and expertise

    Economic development and employment


The countries of the Global South – but also of the Global North – are facing the major challenge of making their economies more environmentally friendly and socially just. This is made particularly difficult by current crises, such as natural disasters and high inflation.

In addition to government efforts, the resources and innovative strength of stakeholders from the private sector and civil society are also needed to overcome these challenges. To achieve this, the governments of German partner countries and development cooperation (DC) must encourage national and international business stakeholders to tackle problems.


Governments cooperate more effectively with the private sector in the short, medium and long run. This contributes to the socio-ecological transformation of the economy.


The programme advises the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) on its cooperation with and engagement of the private sector. To this end, BMZ has subsumed all service offerings for business representatives within a network initiative branded as ‘Partners in Transformation – Business & Development Network’.

In addition, the programme advises BMZ on how to implementing and concretising their new framework for cooperation with the private sector and on continuing to develop it by incorporating lessons learned. In order to document and evaluate the impact of all ‘Partners in Transformation’ service offerings, the programme is introducing a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system. It also contributes to ensuring coordinated and effective communication in the network initiative as well as BMZ's reporting.

To improve cooperation with the private sector, BMZ and partner organisations have announced that the first Hamburg Sustainability Conference (HSC) will be held in October 2024. The programme supports BMZ in organising and implementing this conference and other strategic topics.

Last update: February 2024

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