Future for Palestine

Project description

Title: Future for Palestine V
Commissioned by: German Federal Foreign Office (AA)
Lead exectuing agency: Palestinian Ministry of Finance
Country: Palestinian Territories 
Overall term: 2015 to 2017

Future for Palestine


In the Palestinian territories, there is a forceful process of conflicts, crises and political changes. Political conflicts affect the people and their economic development. The population expects the Palestinian Authority to deliver tangible and visible results from its work as the government. The German Federal Foreign Office supports the Palestinian Authority through, among other activities, the Future for Palestine programme, which derives from a 2008 initiative of former German Foreign Minister Steinmeier and former Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad.


Living conditions have improved for people in particularly disadvantaged areas of the West Bank. In the Gaza Strip, effective low-threshold support is available for children and youth as well as their parents to deal with trauma and conflict. Youth can contribute to the communication and decision-making processes of their municipalities in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.


Construction measures in the West Bank. The Future for Palestine initiative supports disadvantaged communities through public infrastructure. Construction measures that can be quickly implemented contribute to the better provision of public social services for the population. These projects make everyday life easier, while increasing social inclusion. They are carried out in close cooperation with Palestinian partners, including the Palestinian Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Local Government. The initiative works with the relevant Palestinian ministries and municipalities to identify and execute appropriate construction measures, and to carry out quality assurance.

Sports for Smiles. Supported by GIZ, sport experts, psychologists and psychiatrists work together to develop courses that integrate sports and psychosocial support. At the heart of Sports for Smiles are a range of sports programmes for children and youth, which address their experiences of trauma and conflict, as well the regular supervision of trainers, intensive work with parents and standardised evaluation measures. The initiative complements the services offered by psychological counselling centres and expands the amount of psychosocial support available in the Gaza Strip.

Youth Create Change. This is based on a country analysis on youth rights. In 10 municipalities of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, every year young people and municipal representatives jointly develop youth action plans. This supports the creation of sustainable structures for local participation. The municipalities regularly provide funds and space for the purpose. Trained youth officers from the municipalities act as focal points for the young people, who also choose a number of youth promoters from their own ranks, every two years.


Construction measures in 11 municipalities of the West Bank

  • Participation in social and cultural life is improving for 19,000 citizens in five municipalities. Local families now make use of communal venues, meeting centres and public parks.
  • In four municipalities, about 35,000 children, parents and kindergarten teachers have benefited from improved conditions for early childhood education.
  • Two out-patient clinics have improved the access to health care for about 10,000 men, women and children in the municipalities and surrounding villages.

Sports for Smiles in the Gaza Strip

  • 20 sports coaches have qualified for the implementation of sports programmes that are sensitive to trauma and conflict. They work regularly with the parents of the children and youth.
  • Approximately 400 children and young people take part twice a week in football and volleyball courses in four sports clubs. As well enjoying the games, they are also developing a positive self-image. In this way, the effects of trauma on child development and wellbeing are being reduced.

Youth Create Change in 10 communities of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip

  • Approximately 1,500 young people from the partner municipalities of the initiative regularly participate in their communities’ communication and decision making processes, and they get involved in community life.
  • In all, some 300 youth promoters have received training. These now support the participation of children and youth in their communities, and guide the exchange of ideas with the staff of the municipalities and local councils.