Technical Trainers College (TTC)

Project description

Title: Technical Trainers College (TTC)
Commissioned by: Colleges of Excellence (CoE)
Financier: Colleges of Excellence (CoE)
Country: Saudi Arabia
Overall term: 2008 to 2016

Students of the Technical Trainers College (TTC)


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is striving to enhance its system of technical education and vocational training. Many graduates of the vocational training system struggle to meet the requirements of the labour market and prospective vocational school trainers are sent abroad to obtain their degrees.

Since these circumstances are impeding economic development in the country, the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) and its vocational training initiative Colleges of Excellence (CoE) have been focusing since 2009 on providing sustainable training for skilled workers from Saudi Arabia. As part of this strategy, GIZ was commissioned to establish a training institute for vocational teachers that meets international standards.


The Technical Trainers College (TTC) is unique and the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia. It offers a three-year practical degree combining both paedagogical and job-specific elements designed to turn young Saudi vocational college graduates into well-qualified vocational teachers.

TTC offers potential students an internationally recognised Bachelor’s degree. To ensure the highest quality in TTC’s various areas of competence, GIZ concludes cooperation agreements with partners from Germany and other countries that have extensive experience in this field.


While TVTC provides the infrastructure for the college, GIZ is responsible for developing the overall concept and the teaching methodology, and for all didactic and technical matters, human resources, administration and the general management of the institution.

GIZ’s responsibilities are as follows:

  • General management (implementation of the strategy, organisation, resource planning, coordination of expert input, budgeting, quality management, etc.);
  • Adaptation and development of the TTC master plan;
  • Provision of suitable equipment (for classrooms, labs, and offices);
  • Architectural spatial planning;
  • Accreditation of the college;
  • Human resource management; and
  • Establishing and maintaining contact with national and international partners.

While designing the approach, particular emphasis was placed on the development of Saudi Arabian capacities. From the moment planning began, Saudi Arabian TVTC personnel and other externals have been integrated into project activities and share responsibility with GIZ colleagues.


The contract between CoE and GIZ will end in August 2016, with the partnership having succeeded in establishing a very well-positioned, accredited college. TTC, which is well known across Saudi Arabia, opened its doors in September 2009 with 150 students. That number has now reached almost 1,300. The 932 students who have graduated to date have a wide range of professional opportunities. 702 have found jobs in the public sector working for TVTC. A further 50 have taken up positions in the public sector in places connected to TVTC.

Technical Trainers College (TTC)

Following a slight drop in demand for vocational teachers after the first few classes graduated, TVTC took the decision to specifically involve the private sector in the project as a potential employer. So far, 173 graduates have found jobs in industry.

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