Strengthening the capacity of the police

Project description

Title: Strengthening the capacity of police structures in Africa – Programme Component: Rwanda
Commissioned by: German Federal Foreign Office
Country: Rwanda
Lead executing agency: Rwanda Ministry of Internal Security (Mininter)
Overall term: 2008 to 2011


As a consequence of Rwanda’s civil war and the genocide of 1994, the Rwanda National Police (RNP) and other government institutions were severely weakened and barely functional. In recent years, the RNP has established stable structures, but the force still lacks equipment, infrastructure and training in specialised areas. The RNP is not yet fully able to perform the role of a democratic police force responsive to citizens’ needs.


The RNP’s capacities are improved in relation to infrastructure, equipment and training. Police officers deployed on peacekeeping missions fulfil their mandate in accordance with international standards.


GIZ is carrying out a programme on behalf of the German Federal Foreign Office (AA) to strengthen the capacities of police structures in Africa. This programme is active in several African countries, including Rwanda. It strengthens police forces and police institutions through measures to provide training, infrastructure and equipment and also develops management capacities.

The project concentrates on strengthening the capacities of the RNP and supporting efforts to renovate the police academy where officers are prepared for peacekeeping missions. Training and equipment is provided to improve the RNP’s performance. In addition, the project promotes activities to strengthen cooperation and communication between the police and the justice and health sectors.

Results achieved so far

Conditions have improved for the training of officer cadets at the police academy, especially for female recruits. The training centre’s sanitation facilities have been renewed, new water and power supply systems have been installed and the accommodation for female officer cadets and instructors has been thoroughly renovated. The measures support the RNP’s objective of deploying more officers on peacekeeping missions and ensure adequate training and accommodation can be provided for both trainers and cadets.

The forensic laboratory in Kigali has been fitted with a photo laboratory and staff have received training in the use of the photographic equipment. This has helped strengthen the RNP’s capacity to investigate crimes.

Traffic police at district level have received training (in traffic safety, first aid, etc.) and essential equipment and this has improved their performance.

Rwanda: A newly constructed police station in Nyanza. © GIZ

In addition, police officers at district level who are responsible for preventing and tackling violence against women have undergone intensive training in how to investigate such crimes. This has helped to build their capacities.

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