Enabling Access to Justice, Civil Society Participation and Transparency (EnACT)

Project description

Title: Promoting Transparency, Participation and Access to Justice
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Co-funded by: European Union (EU)
Country: Zambia
Lead executing agency: Ministry of Justice (MoJ)
Overall term: 2021 to 2026

Two men are being advised by a policewoman.


Zambia is a democratic nation with a record of free and fair elections and peaceful transitions of power. However, the current political context in Zambia is challenging and the space for democratic debate and competition is contested. The nation faces economic challenges, vulnerable population groups struggle to get access to basic public services, and corruption is on the rise. This increases the need for accountability from non-state actors as well as constructive dialogue between civil society and the State. Political decision-making and policy reforms pay insufficient heed to the interests of the poor population, particularly women, children and youth. Severe austerity measures make this situation worse.

In addition, the vulnerable population does not have any, or only limited access to justice. The justice system is overburdened and requires legal, policy and administrative reform. There are court backlogs, and the outdated penal law with its strong punitive approach has led to overcrowded prisons.

Enabling Access to Justice, Civil Society Participation and Transparency (EnACT) therefore works to improve access to accountable institutions, justice and transparent government decision-making processes for these population groups. EnACT’s predecessor, the Civil Society Participation Programme (CSPP), ran from 2012-2021. EnACT is now building upon its work.

A woman stands up from a seated group of people and says something.


The access to accountable institutions, to justice and to transparent government decision-making processes for the Zambian population has improved.


  • Civil society participates in formulating laws and state institutions ensure that they are implemented.
  • State action is being made transparent and accountable.
  • Citizens have access to legal aid and fair procedures in the justice sector, and digital tools improve access to legal aid.

Last update: January 2023

A woman stands in front of many seated people and explains something.

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