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GIZ in Brussels  

GIZ has maintained an office in Brussels, the EU’s main seat, since 1993, to carry out a variety of tasks – from monitoring EU policy developments and fostering close contacts with EU institutions and other relevant stakeholders, to assisting the EU as a partner for expertise and dialogue and strengthening GIZ’s position as a preferred partner of the EU for implementing development cooperation, to, lastly, providing advice on EU cooperation. 

GIZ’s presence is ensured by several cross-cutting and operational units, departments and projects of GIZ, including a Representation office, located in the heart of the European District in Rue du Trône, to ensure the coordination and coherence of GIZ as a whole in Brussels. 

Information, advice and networking 

GIZ in Brussels is in constant dialogue with the EU institutions, notably the European Commission and the European Parliament. It establishes contact between political decision-makers in Brussels and GIZ, while monitoring and analysing key developments in the EU’s political, legal and economic environment that impact GIZ as a whole. Moreover, it also strengthens cooperation with the European representations of Germany and its federal states, European development cooperation implementing organisations, research and policy advisory institutes, foundations, associations, non-governmental organisations and businesses. 

Promoting dialogue, sharing experience, developing ideas 

GIZ in Brussels brings relevant topics to the attention of its partners in and around the EU, facilitates experience and expertise-sharing from its work on the ground and provides introductions to its expert contacts who implement projects in more than 120 countries. To this end, GIZ in Brussels is involved in relevant fora and conferences such as the European Commission’s annual European Development Days.  
One of the established partnerships in Brussels is the Practitioners’ Network for European Development Cooperation, a voluntary platform of European implementing organisations. Founded in 2007 with the support of GIZ, the network promotes practical exchange with the European Commission and works to harmonise and coordinate development approaches between European implementing organisations. GIZ also takes part in the Development Policy Forum, set up by the Brussels think tank Friends of Europe, by for example assisting with events and providing specialist contributions. 
The Representation further leads on the organisation of a series of events of its own to encourage the exchange of ideas on current issues and approaches in international cooperation.

Business development and project implementation

GIZ in Brussels also acts as a contact point for implementing technical assistance, both for delegated cooperation as well as through EU grants and tenders. 
As GIZ’s most important co-financing donor of German Government commissions, GIZ in Brussels, through its Liaison Office for the EU, provides key account management and acts as a partner for implementation, expertise and exchange to the EU. 

Through International Services (InS), GIZ offers the full range of its services directly to relevant clients worldwide – from European institutions, through the EU’s tender business, to bi- and multilateral donors and development banks, the private sector or other sovereign governments. The InS office is situated in Rue de la Charité. 

Finally, a number of GIZ-implemented projects commissioned or co-funded by the EU are based in Brussels, including projects in the climate and energy sectors and in the field of security and stabilisation.  

GIZ in Brussels Contacts:

GIZ Representation
Rue du Trône 108
B - 1050 Brussels
Tel +32 2 230 9150
Fax +32 2 644 0823

GIZ International Services
Rue de la Charité 33
B - 1210 Brussels   
Tel +32-2 229 27 90
Fax +32-2-229 27 98 

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