Brussels Representation


GIZ opened its Representation in Brussels, the European Union’s policy-making centre, in 1993. Located in Rue du Trône in the heart of the European district, it acts on behalf of the company in its dealings with the EU institutions.

Information, advice, networking

As GIZ’s point of contact for the EU, the Representation liaises continuously with the EU institutions. It also cooperates with the Brussels offices of the German Government and Länder (federal states) and with European development agencies, research institutes, policy consultancies, foundations, associations, non-governmental organisations and businesses. On behalf of GIZ, it monitors and evaluates policy developments at EU level and helps to build GIZ’s contacts at the heart of EU policy-making. For its partners in Brussels, it offers insights into GIZ’s expertise, raises awareness of its thematic agenda and global fields of work, and establishes contacts with GIZ experts worldwide.

Promoting dialogue, sharing experience, developing ideas

GIZ hosts expert meetings, conferences and workshops, offering a space for dialogue and exchange on topical issues of relevance to international cooperation for sustainable development. The Brussels Representation brings specialists working in this field together with policy-makers in Brussels. Their expertise is highly relevant, for over the years, they have built up a wealth of experience in implementing projects worldwide in sectors such as employment promotion, food and agriculture, the environment and climate change mitigation.

Building partnerships

The Representation supports GIZ’s cooperation in Brussels and builds partnerships with German, European and international institutions and organisations represented there. For example, GIZ participates in the Development Policy Forum led by the Brussels-based think tank Friends of Europe and plays an active role in the European Network of Implementing Development Agencies (EUNIDA), whose members are engaged in the delivery of European projects in the field of international cooperation.

GIZ International Services

In addition to the Representation, which handles the company’s contacts at European level, GIZ has established a Brussels office for its International Services business segment. Located in Rue de la Charité, it deals with GIZ’s participation in EU tenders and manages transnational projects commissioned by the EU and implemented by GIZ from Brussels.

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