Peacebuilding in Yemen

Project description

Title: Peace support in Yemen
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Countries: Yemen
Overall term: 2016 to 2018

Jemen. Teilnehmende des Workshops zu konfliktsensibler Kommunikation. © GI


Yemen is in the grips of a civil war which has also brought foreign powers into play. Now that the internationally recognised government has been driven from the country, various factions are engaged in a violent struggle for political dominance. The indiscriminate attacks on the civilian population have greatly embittered all parties to the conflict and considerably reduced their willingness to seek a peaceful solution. In the ensuing absence of visions, ideas or proposals as to how the conflict can be resolved without violence, civil society and its organisations also fail to assume a supportive role for peacebuilding. Overall, the country lacks the skills and experience required to develop non-violent solutions, articulate conflict-reducing proposals and take appropriate action under civil war conditions.


The conditions for non-violent conflict resolution are improved.

Jemen. Teammeeting in Beirut des Vorhabens zur Friedensförderung. © GIZ


Through training and coaching, the project is empowering local civil society organisations to develop and implement conflict-reducing and peacebuilding measures. It sets out to strengthen both the institutional and functional capacity of selected non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and scientific institutions. This will enable them to adopt a professional stance on issues concerning human rights, democracy and state building and to underscore their importance for the peace process.

The project has also launched a nationwide campaign to raise public awareness of the importance of human rights, gender issues, democracy and state building for a peaceful and stable society. The interactive online information games on these topics essentially target the generally young population.

As part of its public relations work, the project promotes conflict-sensitive communication, both in everyday social interaction and in reporting by traditional and social media. By means of further training activities, the project is contributing to greater context sensitivity in governorates and subsequently nationwide.

In addition, the project is strengthening women's participation in the peace process and in drawing up a post-conflict agenda. It is also assisting with the formulation of a strategy paper and implementation measures in cooperation with state and non-governmental women's organisations.


A workshop organised by the project in September 2016 for NGOs concerned with peace issues achieved a surprising result for such an early point in the proceedings: Representatives of 32 NGOs from different political factions came together to discuss peacebuilding. Furthermore, the participants agreed to establish a joint platform for peace and to network more closely.