Germany in the Eyes of the World

How is Germany perceived abroad? What are the prevailing expectations and fears given the current world situation?

After evaluating 154 interviews with representatives from the worlds of politics, business, science and research and civil society in 24 countries, this is clear: in an increasingly turbulent world, Germany’s stable structures, economic strength and strong sense of values make the country more popular than ever. As an advocate of Europe and a mediator in international conflicts, respondents would like to see Germany act more decisively and take a leading role – without acting alone or in an aggressive manner.

These expectations are not new: one comment from the first phase of the Germany study in 2012 was: ‘Go ahead, try on the larger shoes – you’ll find they fit!’ Interviewees in the current study reaffirmed this message and held up Germany’s strengths, including its education system, strong civil society and strong environmental awareness. It was not all praise, however. Germany needs to get in better shape for the future. There are some concerns that Germany relies on its technological strength and is failing to exploit the potential of digitalisation.

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