Improving the social and economic resilience among disadvantaged youth in Cameroon

Project details

Title: Support of the socio-economic resilience of vulnerable youth in Northern Cameroon (PARSE II)
Commissioned by: Federal German Ministry for Economic Development and Employment (BMZ)​​​​​​​
Country: Cameroon
Lead executing agency: Ministère de la Jeunesse et de L’Education Civique (MINJEC)​​​​​​​
Overall term: 2020 to 2022

SANDA Helene, PARSE beneficiary, electrician at the Norwegian hospital in Ngaoundéré in Adamaoua


The three Northern regions of Cameroon are facing economic shocks, conflicts and insecurity. These are further complicated by fragile state institutions, a very weak private sector as well as climate change. Underemployment is an obstacle – especially for young men and women. Their situation remains even more worrying in parts of the Far-North region, which is still under attack by Jihadist armed groups. Vulnerable youth is targeted by both violent terror groups and criminals who want to take advantage of their desperate condition. What is more, instability resulting from conflicts in the neighboring countries affects the border zones.


Stability and peace-building efforts are being promoted in Northern Cameroon by improving the socio-economic resilience of the young adult target group.

Abdouramane Salihou, backyard animal farmer in NGaoundéré, Adamaoua


The project is an initiative within the Cameroonian-German development cooperation. It is implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Civil Education (MINJEC) and was set up against the background of the high security challenges, violence and radicalisation experienced among youth in Northern Cameroon since 2013. In line with its holistic approach, PARSE II is active in the following areas for the sake of conflict prevention:

  • enhancing vocational training offers at local level
  • improving the employability of vulnerable youth
  • providing for a better economic situation for targeted youth, and
  • improving cooperation between youth and municipalities.

PARSE II works in partnership with a good number of organisations from civil society and local government to fulfil these goals.

Last update: July 2022

Borai youth group producing onions and pasteque in the Extreme North region