Establishing renewable energy sources in Kenya

Project description

Title: Project Development Programme (PDP)
Commissioned by: The German Energy Solutions Initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
Country: Kenya
Overall term: 2019 to 2023


From the year 2013, solar power installations in the commercial and industrial sector have grown by over 150 per cent with the most growth happening in the last two years. Falling clean energy technology costs are increasingly making renewable energies a financially viable alternative to conventional sources. German companies offer services and products that provide high quality, reliable, innovative and comprehensive solutions. The Project Development Programme (PDP) Kenya plays a role in matching the demand in Kenya with German solutions through the initiation and implementation of renewable energy projects, knowledge transfer and capacity development, information sharing and facilitation of business partnerships and market development.

GIZ runs the PDP as part of the German Energy Solutions Initiative on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).


Energy technologies by German-Kenyan partnerships have been adopted by companies in Kenya. Technology transfers and capacity building have led to overall market growth.


The Project Development Programme (PDP) supports German companies that are entering new markets in emerging and developing economies. The markets in these countries are extremely promising and dynamic, but at the same time present significant challenges to companies in the form of political instability, insufficient access to financing or a lack of qualified employees. 

In cooperation with other GIZ projects and local German Chambers of Commerce abroad (the AHKs), the PDP develops solutions to advance market development, establish partnerships between German and local enterprises, and promote climate friendly energy solutions.

Currently, PDP works in 16 countries in South-East Asia, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and in the Middle East.

The activities under the PDP Kenya are structured into three interlocking modules:

Provision of information and matchmaking

  • Market analyses
  • Information workshops / Networking events
  • Business and matchmaking trips to the region
  • Delegation trips to Germany

Project and market development

  • Identification of business opportunities
  • Support for reference projects
  • Capacity building activities

Complementary framework support

  • Policy advisory
  • Complementary activities (e.g. support to associations)

Through these activities, business-to-business partnerships and active commitment of German companies in the Kenya renewable energy and energy efficiency market are facilitated. This not only yields business for German companies and their local partners in Kenya, it also taps into additional energy sources, creates electricity generation capacity and boosts technology transfer. Furthermore, through the capacity development elements, it contributes to support private sector structures and actors with a long-term sustainability perspective.

The target group of the PDP Kenya are project developers, manufacturers, distributors, and operators in Germany and local counterparts in Kenya.