Support for further improvement of public procurement system in Serbia

Project description

Title: Support for further improvement of public procurement system in Serbia
Funder: European Union and Government of Serbia
Country: Republic of Serbia
Commissioned by: Public Procurement Office
Overall term: 2017 to 2019


The initial step in the area of public procurement in Republic of Serbia was the adoption of the first Public Procurement Law in July 2002. The Government of the Republic of Serbia has shown commitment to continue reform of the public procurement system by adaptation of the new Public Procurement Development Strategy in October 2014. With Serbia firmly set on the European Union (EU) path, it has to align its legislation and standards with the EU acquis in the field of public procurement, which will be done within the framework of accession negations.

The National Plan for Adoption of Acquis (NPAA) envisages full harmonisation of legislation in the field of public procurement with the relevant EU directives, by adopting a completely new Public Procurement Law or adopting the amendments to the Public Procurement Law by the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia.

Full harmonisation of legislation in the field concessions and public-private partnership with EU directive which regulates concessions (2014/23/EC) should be made by adopting a completely new Law on Public-Private Partnership and Concessions or adopting amendments to the Law on Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions by the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia. The NPAA document also underlines the obligations under the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) related to public procurement which are contained in Article 76 of the SAA ”Public Procurement”.

The project implementation started at an extremely important moment for the public procurement system development in Serbia since Chapter 5 – “Public Procurement” has been opened in December 2016, the new law on public procurement is planned to be adopted.


The programme aids the Republic of Serbia in successfully establishing modern and efficient public finance management processes at all government levels, expressing a more transparent use and savings of public resources of the Republic of Serbia.


The approach of the project is to reach modern and efficient public finance at all government levels and that will be expressed in a more transparent use of public resources, as well as in their savings. This should be achieved through strengthening and developing of strategic, legal and institutional framework for public procurement, which is to be aligned with EU legislation; through improved implementation of regulations and improved practice of regulations in this area; by developing and establishing a public procurement E-procurement platform; by strengthening capacities and skills of the beneficiary (Public Procurement Office) and other stakeholders.


  • Assistance in preparation of the draft of a new Law on Public Procurement (PPL) and of by-laws based on new PPL has been provided
  • Delivering of specific, tailor-made training modules for the staff of the PPO which could involve trainings, conferences, seminars or other educational events
  • Preparation of Strategy for Development of a Public Procurement System between 2019-2023 including a related Action Plan
  • Development of the new Public Procurement Portal;
  • Execution of pilot project for the e-submission of bids
  • Development of e-auctions and e-catalogue as two modules of an e-procurement platform;
  • Development of guidelines and other self-learning materials (video clips or animated application guidance) for use of the e-procurement;
  • Preparation and design of manuals, guidelines and support materials for education accommodating different learning styles (video presentations, maps, flow charts, brochures, etc.) for selected target groups
  • The new website of the PPO, designed and developed with the support of the Project

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