Cross-Border Institution Building (CBIB+) – Phase 3

Project description

Title: Cross-Border Institution Building (CBIB+ - Phase 3)
(Regional technical assistance to cross-border cooperation between IPA II beneficiaries)
Commissioned by: European Commission, General Directorate for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations
Financier: European Union (EU)
Country: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia
Partner: Stantec
Overall term: 2019 to 2021


On 6 February 2018, the European Commission adopted a Communication on "A credible enlargement perspective for and enhanced EU engagement with the Western Balkans". The Communication sets the new strategic orientations, in particular as regards the implementation of the six Flagship Initiatives. 

Supported by the IPA, Cross Border Cooperation (CBC) aims to enhance socio-economic development of border areas and, more specifically in the context of the Western Balkans, promote good neighbourly relations between these areas and foster European integration. This project focuses on regional technical assistance for cross-border cooperation at intra-Western Balkan borders and represents the third phase of such technical assistance under the Instrument for Pre-accession 2014-2020 IPA II (CBIB+ phase 3).

Under IPA II, the following 2014-2020 CBC programmes at intra-Western Balkans level (often referred to as IPA-IPA CBC) were adopted in 2014:
1.    Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
2.    Serbia and Montenegro
3.    Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro
4.    Montenegro and Albania
5.    North Macedonia and Albania
6.    Albania and Kosovo
7.    Kosovo and North Macedonia
8.    Montenegro and Kosovo
9.    Serbia and North Macedonia (adopted in 2016).


The promoting good neighbourly relations, fostering Union integration and socio-economic development - through the implementation of the IPA II CBC programmes in an efficient, effective, harmonised, and coordinated way. 


Through regional activities followed by tailored assistance in line with specific needs of each country/programme structure the project targets achieving the following results:

  1. Enhanced networking and cross-border cooperation management capabilities between CBC stakeholders in the Western Balkans;
  2. Best practices culture and sharing of experiences promoted, with an eye to the improvement of the quality of CBC operations;
  3. Capacity of IPA II relevant authorities to programme, manage, implement, monitor and report IPA II programmes strengthened;
  4. IPA II CBC programmes' monitoring enhanced through a streamlined performance measurement methodology; 
  5. Visibility of IPA II CBC at intra-Western Balkan borders is strengthened.

This project aims at enhancing regional coordination and harmonisation of approaches and mechanisms in the field of cross-border cooperation at intra-Western Balkan borders in line with EU frameworks and guidelines, as well as promoting a culture of best practices and sharing of experience. It also targets to improve the technical capacity of the management structures, as well as quality of CBC operations.
The project is structured under the following complements:

  • Component 1: Coordination and harmonisation
  • Component 2: Capitalisation of results
  • Component 3: Capacity building
  • Component 4: Performance management
  • Component 5: Visibility and Communication


During the first nine months of project implementation the following was achieved:

  • Best practice culture and sharing of experience promoted through project on-line tools (e-forum, website, social media pages, and monthly e-mail flash news). 
  • Capacities of the IPA II CBC programme structures strengthened as required and justified by specific needs by training delivery and guidance documents. 
  • The basis for a better monitoring of the IPA II CBC programmes is set through the regular use of the result/impact measurement system (regularly maintained and improved).
  • The basis for setting a capitalisation platform established (concept paper drafted, eight surveys conducted, monitoring system in use)
  • Targeted and systematic measures that are enhancing better visibility and promotion of CBC IPA programmes and their achievements undertaken (communication and visibility strategy, monthly newsletters-flash news, website, Facebook, promotion of programmes and project during Forums in Rzeszów).

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