Strengthening governance and civil society in Uganda (GCSP III)

Project description

Title: Strengthening Governance and Civil Society in Uganda
Commissioned by: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Co-funded by: European Union (EU)
Country: Uganda
Lead executing agency: National Planning Authority; Office of the Auditor General Uganda
Overall term: 2022 to 2024

GIZ / Emmanuel Museruka. The programme supports its partner civil society organisations in advocating for the effective inclusive participation of youth and women in development processes at sub-national and national level.


Uganda has instated a constitutional commitment to the principles of good governance. The Government of Uganda (GoU) has ratified international agreements to promote transparency and accountability as well as human rights. While the third National Development Plan (NDP III) recognized that poor accountability systems and high corruption levels affect the development in Uganda, further positive measures have been taken. These include establishing accountability institutions for the efficient and effective utilisation of public resources and the Uganda Human Rights Commission to oversee human, civil and political rights. Numerous sub-national and national civil society organisations are contributing to service delivery in the country. However, all these efforts are hampered by mutual mistrust, a lack of capacities and limited financial resources.

On top of this, it is still difficult for state and civil society actors to ensure that their actions are consistent with the principles of good governance – transparency, accountability, effective administration, human rights and political participation.


The relevant state and non-state actors in Uganda are better able to fulfil their respective roles in terms of accountability, implementing good governance principles and realising human rights.


The project implements its priority areas under three components:

Component: Strengthening Accountability Component (SAC).
Priority area: Improves accountability through more effective collaboration, awareness raising and citizen engagement.

Component: Strengthening Human Rights (HR).
Priority area: Works with state and non-state actors to ensure the implementation of the Human Rights Based Approach.

Component: The Civil Society in Uganda Support Programme II (CUSP II).
Priority areas: Promotes a conducive regulatory and operational environment for civil society, meaningful and structured participation in development processes, and enhances civil society responsiveness, sustainability and resilience.

Last update: September 2022

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