Equal opportunities through digital learning with atingi

Project description

Title: Global Project on Digital Transformation
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)​​​​​​​
Country: Global
Overall term: 2019 to 2025

Laptop showing the atingi home page. Copyright: GIZ


In many developing countries, access to learning content and lifelong learning opportunities is difficult for disadvantaged groups. This is particularly true for girls and women as well as people in rural regions.

Large parts of the population do not have access to existing learning formats.  As a result, many people are not adequately prepared for the demands of the labour market, which means that job opportunities remain closed to them. One reason for this is that the necessary general educational policy conditions are often not in place. In addition, few educational institutions offer formats using innovative digital technologies and distance learning.


Innovative digital learning opportunities reach people from different educational backgrounds and improve their employment prospects.


The digital learning platform atingi offers innovative e-learning services in order to reach people more efficiently and effectively. Together with a broad network of partners from the political sphere, business, the scientific and academic community and civil society, the project provides access to high-quality digital content that serves to impart knowledge and develop skills. atingi is intended in this way to make a valuable contribution when it comes to eliminating inequalities in learning opportunities.

atingi aims to be:

  • Bundled: atingi is the central learning platform in German development cooperation, on which all learning content can be found.
  • Vibrant: through a variety of learning formats, interactive elements and an active exchange with other learners.
  • Free and accessible to all: including disadvantaged population groups, who can use learning content offline or receive support through German development cooperation partner organisations expanding internet access in partner countries (‘last mile access’).
  • Demand-driven: geared towards skills that are needed in local labour markets. atingi also awards certificates and ‘Open Badges’ that increase the employability of the users.
  • Diverse: content is adapted to the cultural context of the pilot countries.
  • Quality-tested: in line with clear criteria and fact-based results monitoring.

Last update: March 2022

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