Africa Cloud enables digital learning

Project description

Title: Global Project Africa Cloud
Commissioned by: German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
Country: Global
Overall term: 2019 to 2021


In many developing countries, disadvantaged groups have limited access to learning content and lifelong learning courses. This is especially true for girls and women, and for people living in rural regions. 

Governmental institutions, the private sector and civil society are unable to reach large parts of the population with existing learning formats. As a result, many people are insufficiently prepared for the requirements of the labour market, and job opportunities are therefore closed off to them. 

The lack of education and training opportunities in developing countries is partly due to the fact that the necessary political frameworks are not in place: guidelines for educational policy and digital learning are outdated or do not exist at all. Furthermore, educational institutions offer very few formats that use innovative digital technologies and distance learning methods in order to meet this challenge. 

The Africa Cloud project strives to close this gap and reach people with innovative eLearning courses. It aims to improve training and employment opportunities in the respective labour markets.


Innovative digital learning courses reach people with different educational backgrounds and improve their employment prospects.


The project provides access to high-quality digital content for the purpose of knowledge transfer and skills development. Course participants can share content with others, develop the content and discuss it with other partners in a network. The Africa Cloud thus aims to make a valuable contribution towards eliminating inequalities in learning opportunities. The project intends to be:

  • Bundled: as a central initiative in German development cooperation and the German Federal Government together with the private sector in Germany and African partner countries.
  • Relevant: with certificates that increase employability.
  • Individual: tailored to participants through cleverly programmed algorithms and an intelligent learning design.
  • Vibrant: thanks to fun elements that motivate users to communicate with one another.
  • Freely accessible: even for poorer and marginalised population groups, as partner organisations are expanding internet access in Africa (‘last-mile access’).
  • Demand-driven: geared towards skills that are needed in the labour markets and on the African start-up scene.
  • Diverse: with content tailored to the cultural context of the pilot countries.
  • Quality-assured: in accordance with clear criteria and fact-based results monitoring.

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