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: Project management

In its work, GIZ uses a variety of methodological approaches that are based on the company’s extensive experience and satisfy the needs and wishes of our commissioning parties and partners.

With our expertise in managing cooperation arrangements, we support partnerships between actors from the public and private sectors, science, academia and civil society in achieving measurable results.

The provision of policy and strategic advice is geared to decision-makers in government who hold key positions in reform and change processes. Technical advice is usually provided in direct cooperation with experts and individuals. The organisational advice we offer supports organisations in improving their communication, cooperation and organisational capabilities as well as their networking.

GIZ provides services for the management of networks and dialogue platforms, tailored to individuals or organisations, on a regional or global scale. It also has extensive experience in the mediation of complex processes involving large number of participants with diverse interests and complex conflict dynamics.

The aim of the funds is to provide financing for activities quickly and efficiently. We support clients and commissioning parties in setting up and managing funds.