: Innovation

We have been promoting sustainable development for more than 50 years and are currently operating in more than 120 developing countries. We finance, develop and implement development projects directly in the countries themselves. This means that we are in constant contact with the local target groups and develop innovations in collaboration with our partners. We support local start-ups, government and non-governmental organisations and have strong networks throughout the world.

In Germany and across the globe: where and how we develop our ideas

We currently have around 1,600 projects, in which we work on a daily basis on new solutions to society’s challenges. In doing so, we are increasingly using methods that focus on users, such as scrum, design thinking and lean start-up. In addition to new products and services, we create new cooperation formats, (internal) processes, methods and procedures as required. These innovations are usually incremental and enable us to make steady improvements to existing approaches.

At the same time, we create scope for innovation throughout GIZ by initiating pilot projects and innovation formats. Internal and external innovation calls strengthen the innovation culture at GIZ and allow us to develop innovative projects and services. Lab formats help us to work closely with external partners to explore the transformative potential of new technologies and topics beyond mere technological solutions for international development cooperation.