: Social development

A peaceful society worth living in is based on basic social policy values, such as equality of opportunity, solidarity and participation. Long term social policy investments in society promote sustainable development and economic growth. Education, health and social protection systems provide people with an opportunity to develop from their own resources and live independently. More – education and health are human rights.

Education is a powerful driver of development. We promote formal and informal education in preschool, basic education and university education. To make optimal use of the potential of young people, we develop concepts for economic and social integration and empowerment of youth.

Strengthening preventive health services is an important contribution to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For more than 25 years we have been assisting partner countries to establish and reform health care systems and to combat pandemics and tropical diseases. In order to protect people living in poverty against risks of life, we cooperate with our partners to develop regionally adapted social protection systems, such as health- and micro-insurances.

Based on these needs, we adapt our successfully proven techniques and tools to the needs of our partners. Our extensive networking keeps us in constant touch with international organisations, initiatives and foundations.