Integrity Advisor

Integrity is essential to our work at GIZ. That’s why our integrity management system not only comprises Integrity Advisors, but also an external Ombudsman.

The Integrity Advisors, are impartial, autonomous and bound to confidentiality.

Project partners, clients and members of the general public can contact GIZ’s Integrity Advisors. You are advised to do so if

  • you have questions on ethical conduct in general and our Code of Conduct in particular,
  • you have reason to suspect corrupt practices or any infringement of GIZ’s Code of Conduct.


The Integrity Advisors are the main point of contact for complaints related to human rights. They act autonomously and independently, are impartial and maintain confidentiality in these cases.

A whistleblower portal  can be used to report significant violations. This portal is available in several languages and allows a confidential dialogue secured by special encryption.

GIZ has appointed an external ombudsman (lawyer) as an additional contact person in matters related to corruption. If there are reasonable grounds for suspicion, project partners, clients, members of the public and GIZ staff can contact the ombudsman directly and arrange a confidential consultation.


Carola Faller
GIZ Integrity Advisor
Telefon: +49 6196 79 3529

Hans-Joachim Gante
GIZ Integrity Advisor
Telefon: +49 228 4460 1557

Edgar Joussen
GIZ Ombudsman
Telefon: +49 30 3151870